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by Jim T
Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2235166
Esperanza writes to a cousin regarding an interesting dream
Dear Edina,
I hope this letter finds you well. I write to tell you about a dream I had a particular night.
It all started a simple night just like any other the only difference was that I was thinking about my life. How love or friendship can be such a difficult thing to find, how I have been hiding upon this cruel and sad world who I was, how you are the only one that knows who I truly am, that I happen to like men and women. After thinking all of this I manage to go to sleep, it took a long time but in the end, I went to rest. In my dream a saw a beautiful lady. I find myself being attracted more to ladies than to gentlemen. So to see her and to realize it was a dream I felt for the first time in a long time like myself.
As I was saying I stumble upon a lovely lady. She had brown eyes they had an intense look, and they were glorious, she had long straight black hair al the way to her hips, her skin was bronzed and she wore a radiant white dress.
Let me tell you that I do not believe in love at first sight, I believe love is something that must take time and patience, and in my dream, I decided to talk to her, in a lovely cafe, with sweet aromas and lovely decor, it looked like the one in downtown, we talk I can't quite remember her name, but I know that the conversation that we were having was nice with no worries in the world.
We later decided to go for a walk as we were walking and seeing the stores but I could never take my eyes off her, and she noticed, as we walked, I asked her in a whisper if I could kiss her and that if I could, can I kiss her on the lips, she looked at me then smiled and nodded.
And I kissed her, It was like touching heaven, it wasn't rough or needed, but sweet and lovely...
Then I woke up, I hated that this dream had come to an end, but it made me hopeful that I will one day fall in love, and truly be myself without having to hide from the rest of the family.
I later went to that same cafe and there she was the same woman of my dreams, I was shocked but I decided to talk to her. she a teacher moving into our town to teach kids in the primary school, and her name was the same I could recall, Amy. I don't know what will happen but I do know that this is a sign perhaps to finally be happy. Amy and I are starting to become friends, maybe this friendship can blossom into something more.
I hope that you could give me advice about this subject. I hope you and I can speak in person soon, dear cousin.
Best Regards,
Esperanza Moran
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