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by Gabby
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You move into your new house,you start noticing weird things but your not hunted....right?
You and your friends are all sitting at the table ready to summon a ghost with a Ouija board as you start joining hands you start wondering how you got here and you start visualizing your entire day starting in the morning.

You woke up at six in the morning draging yourself out of bed and getting ready for the day. As you tripped over half unpacked boxes you make your way to your new kitchen ready to cook a nice ham and cheese omelette to begin your day.As you finished your omelette you start to put on your uniform so you won't be late for your first day of work.As you head for the door you notice you forgot your phone.You place your keys on the table so you won't forget them and head back to your room to get your phone.As you get ready to go out you notice your keys aren't on the table you search thinking you must have misplaced them.You go back to your room and find them placed on the bed.You picked up your keys dismissing your thoughts you rush out the door and go to work.

When you arrived you get assigned to your area and job you will have to do.As you're working you meet new people and start to get use to the work flow you hear someone call your name and go over to see hat they want.You walk up to a cute little old lady who greets you with a kind hello and shows you to some people who would help you with your job if you need it a few more places you'd need to go because of your job and says that you can get back to work.As you head back to your station you feel someone tap your shoulder, as you turn around to greet the person, but as you turn around you see nobody there and return to your station. The rest your your first shift looked great and you headed home to unpack the rest of your boxes.

As you set all your things in the place you thought would be most appealing you come across a family photo of you,your little sister and brother,and Mom.You decided you wanted to place this in your bedroom so you can see it every morning when you wake up.When you turn around to unpacked the rest of the boxes you here a clang and turn around to see your picture on the floor you picked it up and realized there has been a lot of weird things happening today but you just continue you to unpacked.and as you unpacked you think I can't be haunted...right?
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