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by Jacky
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2235401
Flash Fiction

I’d always wanted a dog. Growing up, Great Aunt Lily lived with us, she was allergic to fur. By the time she moved on, I was involved in getting into college, I had no time for a dog.

But now, my own apartment, a good job, and time. I was finally out in the back yard with my very own dog, Pepper! It was a whirlwind romance. I’d picked her out of the litter shortly after she was born. Visited her often as she grew, then, finally, the phone call, she was ready to come home! We’d gone up to our apartment, dropped off all our stuff, and then got ready to head out so I could show her our back yard!

I turned to her and very excitedly said “Pepper! Do you want to go out?” clapping my hands, and smiling! The hand clapping must have been something new.

She immediately cowered a bit, as if she was afraid I was mad at her! Then, she pooped all over the carpet! I jumped! First because I’d scared her, and also, a little because of the carpet!

I picked her up and cleaned her up, trying to be comforting, but admittedly, also worried about my expensive oriental carpet. I put her in her crate for a few minutes and tackled the carpet with the rug cleaner I swore I’d never need...

After that I gave her a bath, she peed in the sink. Dried her off with a big fluffy towel, she peed all over the towel. Then, when she was dry enough, we put on her harness, and here we are, finally, in the back yard. She loves it!

You know, I’ll admit it, I really do love my oriental carpet, but I love, love, love this beautiful dog!
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