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Rated: E · Poetry · Religious · #2235440
Inspired by 3 Nephi 24:2
My dreams were not restful
last night—no visions of peace.
Instead, I twisted with pain

like wool in a wash pool—
soaked in caustic fuller’s soap,
agitated, tread on, scrubbed raw,
wrung out again and again—

I resisted. I objected.
I don’t like this, I cried.

The Fuller rested,
massaged knotted hands,
sighed as He dripped sweat,
knee-deep in stench.

It’s hard work to make you clean,
He said. For us both.

I woke fitfully, then sank again
into dreams—this time trying to relax
and let the dirt be rinsed away.

Inspired by the Come, Follow Me readings for October 12-18
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