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It’s just katara
You don't want to make the huge waterbender mad. So, you go where you're supposed to be at with Katara hovering her ass over you.

"That's right, slave. Get under your mistress's sexy butt." Katara said a bit wickedly as she begins to sit on you. Katara lowers her butt down and plants it right on to you. You feel her weight on your body and it's pretty heavy for you as she started to grind her butt on you until she con comfortable.

"You're such a comfy little slave. I might enjoy sitting on you for a while." Katara said feeling underneath her ass. She sits on you for what feels like hours, all you can feel is her giant squishy ass covering all over your body, she grinds a little more, and starts laughing again. She then starts picking her ass up and slamming it down over and over and over again. Each time harder than the last. She keeps going until you black out. You wake up as you feel something grinding on your body. You looked to see Katara still using her ass to torment you and laughs at your pain.

“You’re awake. Good. I didn’t want this to end just yet.” Katara said as she has something else planned for you.

She gets up and pulls her pants and her panties down to reveal her big brown-skinned bubble butt. She then grabbed you and begins shoving you in her anus. You tried screaming, but her asshole is muffling any sound you do as you’re only shoved halfway in as Katara just smiled on.

That’s when Katara starts again. Katara just unleashed a massive fart and you were blasted straight out of her ass and landed on the ground. Katara sat back down on you and her ass was squishing you again, much to her liking.

“You like that? Me squishing you with my big sexy ass? You know you do.” Katara said to enjoy the pleasure of tormenting you like this.

After a while, you black out again. You wake up to Katara unleashed a big fart right on you and you begin to gag at the awful stench.

“What’s wrong, little slave? Are my farts too much for you? Too bad. Because you’re going to get a whole lot of this gas.” Katara said while smiling evilly.

She continues to fart on you until she told you to
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