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by Zhen
Rated: ASR · Poetry · Family · #2235544
The same words, missing you, echo again and again.
We were young and in love.
We were poor and that's okay.
We had everything we needed.
I brought you a bouquet.

All that mattered was the time we spent together.
I'll always keep your photographs.
I'd give up forever to touch you again.
In my papers, I've kept your autographs.

You are the only family I've ever known.
I walked home faster knowing I'd see you.
I've cried. I can't fight the tears that don't come.
I wish we could rendezvous.

When we lived together, I woke with happy purpose.
Now I wake in pain, push myself through days.
We grew up and I'm sorry forever while I pretend we're still together.
I will miss you always.

I was yours. You were mine. We gave gifts during sleep.
I can't stay away from you, I can't fight it.
For me, it isn't over.
To you, every day I recommit.

You're the closest to perfection I've been.
Never will I find someone like you.
Yesterday was the time of our lives.
I wish nothing but the best for you.

You won't forget me, us, I know.
Love is all you'd known when we parted.
For 8 years our love felt wonderful.
For 8 years since, our love hurts. We parted.

Was there something I could have said to make it stop hurting?
I didn't know you'd be the storm to weather.
I don't know if I'm alive without your love.
Would that we could get together.

Shall we meet to go over everything?
Time's supposed to heal us but no.
I'm sorry for breaking your hearts.
Maybe we'll meet in a meadow

Of wildflowers, or fields of roses I wanted to give you.
Thank God we're running out of time apart,
I don't know how I survive without you.
After death, can we have a new start?

This is what it feels like 8 years after you're gone.
When do we start living again?
When does the guilt of surviving stop?
You were my teachers, friends and guardians.

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