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The Theocracy had shown its true colors, the King was dead, and the city was in chaos.
         The King was dead. The guest from the Vindan Theocracy on the mainland had not been a diplomat, but an assassin. They had come bearing gifts and gold, preaching of the prospect of peace and unity between the two nations, the City-State of Morkol, and the vast territory the Theocracy had claimed on the mainland, but it was all a lie and the feast that had been personally funded by the diplomat who called himself a Chancellor, ruler of the Kolarvi Margrave, a Province on the coast of the Theocracy, had poisoned the feast, killing dozens of Noblemen while his personal guard turned on the surviving nobles and soldiers while the Chancellor fled into hiding.

         The great city was in shock. Why would he do something like this? It seemed the Chancellor had stranded himself and committed an act of war, and surely he would pay. Unfortunately, this couldn't be further from the truth. Within the following days, hundreds of ships appeared on the horizon, adorned with the color of the Theocracy and heading directly for the island, their intent clear. This was the beginning of an invasion, and Morkol was their sole target.

         With no King to lead the people, a Lord Regent was appointed in the time of crisis, and the local garrison was deployed to the Harbor District, the two armies clashing for around a week until the Vindan Theocracy would overcome the defensive garrison deployed, overwhelming them with sheer numbers as cannon fire from the invasion fleet rained down upon them. In the end, the Harbor District was left in ruins, and was taken by the Theocracy, with the gates leading further into the city being locked, preventing entry for the time being.

         Vinda had taken their first forward base on the Island, and the siege had officially began. Now, the people of Morkol would be forced to fight the invading force or the city would fall at the hands of the Theocracy and be absorbed into their territory.
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