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Rated: E · Fiction · Family · #2235811
Dementia is hurtful as it makes us forget crucial elements that make us happy...
Waking up in an unknown place is an ordinary thing for Daniel. He suffers from dementia which makes it hard for him to remember who he is and how old he is. His memory and the present time could never correlate. Usually, he could never remember what day it was but this time he knew where he was. He was back home!

He was in the living room, on the couch, and instantly remembered the time when he broke his mother’s favorite vase with a baseball. He chuckled at the memory as he had never seen his mother so angry. Walking around the house he visited his old room up the stairs. It was just how he remembered it to be. His twin sister’s bed was messy, occupied with art supplies, whereas his bed was neat, surrounded by books. He made it back downstairs to the living room in front of an unfamiliar clock. He had no memory of that, and he was confused. "Where did this clock come from?" he thought.

But as he touched the clock to examine it further, he opened his eyes to see that he was back at his apartment, waking up on the bed he thinks he normally sleeps in, with no recollection of the dream that was his past.

Time and memory go hand in hand for most people. Memories are formed due to the circumstances at that particular time. But in Daniel's case, his memories vary with time. The memories that he has at that specific time never tally. I portrayed that in a simple balance where for him time is heavier than memories. Time is heavier here since a lot of time has passed and his memories are lighter since he is still stuck in the past. The balance if equal, that is if his memories tally with the present time, he would have a lot of difficulty in catching up to the modern set.
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