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A short story that may describe love up to an extent
John was shocked at his son. ‘How could he do that?’ he thought.

“So, you are telling me you sold the square box with a bow on top to a guy who came in a blue car and offered a thousand dollars?” He asked again to make sure.

“Yeah Dad, how many times are you going to keep asking me that!? Jesus!” The boy rolled his eyes.

“That box was your mother’s! How can you be so inconsiderate!?”

“Because she never cared for us! She was never there for you or me! How can you expect me to love her when she never did? Even when SHE ran away with another man how can you even think about keeping her things!?” The boy screamed, tearing up.

His father looked at him with sad eyes and said “Love is a strange thing, Sam. It’s not always loyalty that plays the part.”

He took the boy’s hand, took him in his car traveling down the memory lane on the day he met his ex-wife. He parked the car near an old, almost tearing down pub, with a sign that said “Peter’s” next to which an arrow indicated the direction of the entry.

When they entered, they sat down, ordered a few drinks, accompanied by the slow blues music, and the father started the story on how they met. He still remembered it like it was yesterday and at the end, Sam realised that love was not just a word it’s also sacrifice. The sacrifice his father made to the woman he loved was the thing he loved to do the most, sit in this same pub and play the saxophone. A commitment he decided to take upon when he met her.
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