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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2236334
My October entry to Short Shots
The Black Demon
Short Shots Image Prompt (October 2020)

It was a hot day in Egypt and sand was blowing everywhere as usual. Ricky Sanchez loaded his 12 gauge shotgun. Ricky was a grave robber constantly trying to find riches in old Pharaohs tombs! Ricky and his associate Lamar hopped in his Grand Cherokee. He turned the key and the engine roared to life. “Once again we're on our bullshit” Lamar said with a big grin on his face. Lamar loved being a grave robber and the adrenaline brought him to life. Rickey forced his foot into the gas pedal and the jeep took off sending them speeding into the oncoming sand.

The two grave robbers drove for about 45 minutes until they came upon a guarded tomb. Lamar had previously picked the spot out. It was an ancient tomb and the locals guarded it constantly day and night. Ricky and Lamar hopped out of the jeep but before they made a step forward their bodies froze and wouldn't move. All of a sudden a voice echoed from the tomb.
“Who dares bring vile thoughts into my land”
The sky split into two one side dark one side light. Ricky looked towards the tomb and realized that all the locals had fled. A shadow started to form at the top of a hill 100 feet away from them. From the shadow a figure started to form. A tall black figure holding something resembling the sun. His long black hair danced in the wind. The spirits of the previous men he had killed flew around him. Shining around his neck was a string of diamonds and all sorts of gems.

Ricky and Lamar still not being able to move stood there frozen as the dark figure floated towards them. His face was red dripping with blood. He floated up to lamar and with a snap of his fingers Lamar's body turned into ash and the wind blew him away. Ricky was now full of regret. All the robbing, all the stealing was it worth it. The black demon sensing his thoughts smiled as he shadowed over Ricky.
“Those will be your last thoughts, How pathetic”
The demon snapped his fingers and Ricky became just another lost corrupt soul floating around the demon. The demon smiled evilly and vanished into the sand and the world became still.

Word Count 1719
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