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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Community · #2236678
Human beings and Diabolos have always dreamt of eternity.
Diabolos is a race that lives on the planet Neptune forty. They resemble the human species but physically they possess a long head and a short body. From their mouth and noose fire is released. They do not tolerate solar light and their bodies can only be destroyed by leather balls. Their intelligence is reduced. They only see their race and their narrowed world and cannot project in the future.

“Do you think we will find it?” Dorothy asks with her blue eyes wide open directly into Mitolos’ ones.
Dorothy resembles human beings. She is slender and elegant. Dorothy is wise and is specialized in aircraft engines. She is ambitious and wants to dominate. She covets Diabolos' governance.
Mitolos replies, “Sure, we have prepared everything to invade planet earth and get it,” he responds completely submerged in his thoughts.
“But the unique olive tree that lasts on planet earth is on the Mexican mountain top. We cannot land there. Human beings that last there are equipped with laser and sophisticated weapons,” Dorothy replies frowning her eyebrows.
“My dear Dorothy, I love you. Don’t worry we Diabolos race, will succeed and get access to this olive oil”, he says and with his big hands with hooked nails, he caresses her.

Karl is a human being. He is an engineer in astrophysics. He is specialized in space wars too. He is clever and very ambitious. Karl is a blond man. He is very elegant and distinguished. He is very present.
Karl says to his colleagues, “we are the last human beings and all the rest of the people have already died”.
“We constitute one million people”, Peter says, a colleague to him.
“Peter, I have read recently that a certain olive oil tree which is in this locality gets a virtue that allows a human being to live eternally”, Karl says.
“Where is it, Karl?” Peter asks.
“It is at the top of the mountain where some Incas civilization vestiges still remain. The legend reveals that a beautiful woman lived there. After one hundred years she remained young. Madonna was the most beautiful woman in this locality. She died because of an immense snick venomous pick,” Karl adds.
“It is an olive shrub that is as old as this earthly world and it is believed that it is the last thing that will remain until the apocalypse”, Karl adds.

“Do you believe in these ancient Incas fables? Karl, you are enough educated to not trust this”, Peter says.
“My friend Peter, I do not want to live eternally on earth. Our humble earthly world becomes a real hell. Don’t you see that senility, diseases, pollution, crimes, and poorness have transformed our world into the worst planet hostile to any real life? Our technology and development have yielded monstrous weapons. These later are real games between human beings’ hands and used against themselves”, Karl says.

Roger is a Diabolo and a captain of the aircraft. He says, “This is Diabolos race’s dream. Our ancestors always dreamt to live on planet earth. Today is that dream that comes true. We will live eternally finally”.

The craft follows its itinerary in the space at light speed.
It lasts just ten light-years to achieve planet earth.

Bob comes in a hurry to meet Karl, “there is an aircraft that is coming to our planet earth. It is from Neptune planet. Diabolos race will attack us soon”.
“What? Are you sure? Our sky is impervious by a magnetic field to a distance that equals ten light-years”, Karl says.
“They are equipped with anti-magnetism strength. Diabolos have always coveted planet earth. They constitute the first civilization of the silver galaxy one”, Bob adds.
“Let’s see this on the internet magnet five dimension devise”, Karl sees.

“The aircraft will arrive in one month”, Karl replies.
“We will use our aircraft and freeze their space”, Bob adds.
“No, we should let them land here first and attack them in person”, Karl replies.
“We cannot know which kind of weapons they possess indeed”, Karl adds.
“Let’s see quickly on Diabolos Galaxy history”, he adds.

Rosa an old woman of eighty comes quickly and says, “I want to talk with Karl”.
The soldiers prevent her to enter even though her persistence.
Karl hears her scream and says, “Rosa is here? Let’s her enter immediately”.
Rosa hugs Karl warmly and says to him, “Karl there is a catastrophe”.
“What’s the matter Rosa, why are you so afraid like this?” Karl asks
“The temple is burning at the top of the mountain, there are some intruders”, Rosa says.
“Don’t you see that fire over there”? She asks catching Karl’s arm and trying to lead him to the window.
“Rosa, there is no fire over there, be cool! We will not let intruders invade us”, Karl says.
“I saw your wife in the burning temple too”, she adds.
“Rosa, there is nothing, it’s just a nightmare”, Karl adds.
“Karl, please keep this object with you. It is from our ancestors, the Incas”, Rosa says putting the object in Karl's hand and closing it.
“Thank you! Take care, Rosa”! Karl says.
“Farewell”! She says launching the last glance full of tears.

Karl and his team go to the temple. An immense Inca building at the top of the mountain dominates the area. There is a red light that emanates from the arena.
The pillars still solid as if they were built yesterday, bear the temple. The ceiling of the big room is decorated with multicolored Inca fresco where the red dominates. The walls are decorated with mosaic fresco. Some vivid colors dominate.
A big arena was just behind the temple where people were sacrificed for the gods according to the ancestral Incas belief. There a red light emanating from the sky transforms the area into a bloody place. At the center, a trace of an ancient volcano constitutes of a frozen magma still remains.
Karl is thrilling like a leaf. “It is a lugubrious place indeed”, he says launching a weird glance around the temple.
“Where is the famous tree of eternity?” Peter asks.
“It is just behind the temple. It is the last olive tree on earth”, Karl replies.
A magnificent shrub is settled at the top of the mountain. It is short with multiple branches. Its green leaves catch the eyes and golden olives submerge it.
“Do you see the red rays reflections of the Diabolos aircraft?” Peter adds.
“Indeed Diabolos will arrive and attack us soon”, Karl responds.

In the arena, Karl assembles all the community.
Karl says, “We human beings last as one million people. Our ancestors had always dreamt of eternity. From Eve and Adam till now, eternity is an idyllic dream. Earth planet yielded the olive trees that were everywhere”.
“The ultimate olive shrub that lasts is ours, not theirs. We should fight till death to preserve it”, he adds.
“We have laser weapons and leather balls. Diabolos cannot survive to them”, Karl adds, and with his bright eyes, he launches an overview over the arena that is full of people.

“All the population should be in possession of weapons and be present in the arena now”, Karl says.
“Laser weapons should be first used then leather balls shoot. We should exterminate Diabolos race that has always been human beings' enemies. We should act fast and be focal”, Karl says.

The arena becomes a fight field. Indeed Diabolos succeed in landing and start fighting human beings directly. Karl has really underestimated their power but quickly he orders.

“Launch the leather balls”, Karl orders.
At the beginning of the battle, Diabolos were advantaged but quickly the fight turns into human beings' favor.
However, the loss is immense.

When the last Diabolo remains, Karl asks him,” why do you want to be eternal”?
Mitolos responds, “We are the best race and we will replace the human being race. You cannot kill me I have already drunken olive oil from the shrub. We last millions of Diabolos on our planet. Ha! Ha! Ha!” Then he becomes invisible.

Karl uses his device to see the invisible Mitolos on his laptop five dimensions and kills him with leather balls.
“I will drink from olive oil and be eternal too”, Karl says.
He drinks it and he becomes younger and feels special energy. He is the last of human being species too.
“I am alone on earth”, Karl says completely melancholic.
He goes to the arena for finding millions of human beings and Diabolos corpses littering on the ground.

Dorothy is also found lying on the ground and dead.
He says, “Dorothy, my wife? Ho! My love!” He says when his falling tears unveil a mark on her forehead.
Karl understands that Dorothy was a hybrid and that she betrayed the human beings' race. He keeps the object offered by Rosa. It is a stone released from the magma. He puts it on the mark. Dorothy's face is suddenly transformed into a Diabolo one.
Karl walks over to the arena and just silence is his companion. He becomes an eternal physical entity but a dead soul.
“I want to die”, he says.

An immense earthquake destroys the planet earth. Earth's planet and the full solar system disappear. It is the apocalypse. Karl is finally dead.

KHBEY/Diabolos/1523 words/Oct 11th, 2020

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