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Staring Eye To Eye With The Child Molester!
The Wicked Oak Tree and the Child Molester

Chapter 2

By Shadowgate

Jason ran out in the middle of the street. Helen ran out further. They both stopped and it wasn't long before someone got out of the car. A man got out of the car. He had on jeans and a dark red jacket. He had long dark brown hair in the back. His face looked pale. It wasn't long before Helen Claire made direct eye to eye contact with the new neighbor in her subdivision.

As he stared back he had a cold mean look on his face. She stared back but felt chills go up her spine. Soon the man turned to observe Jason had been staring at him. Now Jason Cotter was staring eye to eye with the newest neighbor of great concern.

After a minute of staring at the two mischievous children the convicted child molester stared at Matthew Bon Foster. Matthew Bon Foster waved and acted innocent. Zachary Bell Hines tried to look innocent as he stood by Matthew the whole time. Of course he got a sufficient look of the child molester and the child molester saw him just as clearly.

Matthew said "okay kids I think I hear your mothers calling."

He didn't say it very loud but he knew Jason and Helen heard him. He got angry they didn't take heed so he yelled at them to get back to base.

All four took off running as fast as they could. Helen yelled out "run from the child molester" and they never ran so fast in their lives. They sure as hell had no time to say goodbye to Frank Henderson.

After running three blocks they headed toward a bayou and into a grass field. Their "secret base" so to speak of was an old shack with no door on it.

They all stopped to catch their breath.

After they caught their breath Matthew had one angry look on his face. The three children didn't take notice since they were trying to focus themselves after a very brutal sprint three blocks long.

Matthew snapped "Jason and Helen we need to fucking talk. Zachary you go sit up against the wall and observe silently."

Zachary nodded because it was clear Matthew was serious.

Matthew looked at Jason and Helen and they both knew they were in trouble.

"Jason and Helen both of you stand in front of me on the double because it's fucking time for me to talk to you two."

Helen and Jason both step in front of Matthew and then Matthew speaks.

"I am not thrilled with what you two did. It was not amusing and it showed a great lack of caution. Helen why did you even suggest staring down the enemy and actually do it?"

Helen replied "I regret it now. I don't know what came over me. When we made eye contact he gave this mean cold look. I feel nauseated."

Matthew snapped "he looked at you as if you were a naughty little girl. You were up to no good by taunting him."

Helen whined "it was so creepy and I think I'm going to puke."

Matthew looked at Helen and said "you thought you were being a brave bad ass but you were associating with someone you should not have been."

Helen begged Matthew to not tell her parents and Matthew told her "I'm not going to tell your parents because I sure don't want to listen to them scream so this is between us."

Helen chirped "I don't want to hear them screaming either."

Matthew nodded and said "your parents don't even want you to know what the new registered sex offender in the neighborhood looks like. They sure as hell wouldn't want you staring him down. The reality is he just happened to pull up in his car while we were at Mister Henderson's house. Now the fact is finding out what he looked like isn't the problem in itself. We were most likely bound to find out what he looked like. I'm just not happy that you got cocky Helen."

Jason said "yeah Helen you got cocky."

Matthew snapped at Jason "you are equally guilty Jason. You went along with her idea. I know you heard me and Mister Henderson say it was a bad idea."

Jason said "we got cocky and we thought it would be fun. Now I wish I hadn't because I know he likes boys. He gave me a smile like he was flirting with me. I can tell you this freak likes boys."

Matthew commented "it's like I told Zachary we don't know the details of his trial and who he molested and how many. Oh but you thought it would be fun and daring to stare him down. Let that be a lesson to you. When you want to have morbid fun you'll get your kicks. You will also get the whole package."

Jason started to shake and soon became choked up.

"Please tell me you won't tell my parents since you promised Helen you wouldn't tell her parents. My dad might beat me with a belt if he found out. My uncle whooped me with a belt for being bad once and I wouldn't put it past my dad to do the same."

Matthew firmly replied "oh I won't tell your parents. Like I told Helen I don't want more screaming and I'm your friend so I won't tell. I feel like taking you and Helen and slamming your heads together since you both made an impulsive decision."

Zachary shouted "kick his ass because he deserves it."
Jason shot back "shut the fuck up Zack!"

Matthew shouted "enough" super loud.

"Zachary I told you to keep your mouth shut for the time being because it's necessary."

"Now Helen and Jason let me make it clear now you know what he looks like. You don't find monsters under your bed or in your closet at night. No this monster is just like us anatomically."

Jason replied "anatomically" with confusion and Matthew explained to him he had human body parts like everyone else.

Helen said "staring eye to eye with a child molester turned out not to be so fun after all. I thought that oak tree right next to his house was creepy enough but shit!"

Helen started hyperventilating.

Matthew said "we all wanted to know what the unwanted neighbor looked like and he just happened to pull up in his driveway at the time we were talking to Mister Henderson about him. Always remember when you stare down an enemy they stare right back. Staring down a school bully is one thing but this situation is something else."

Helen said "he stared back at me alright. He gave me a mean cold dark look the whole time."

Matthew replied "that's because he knew you were fucking with him."

Jason said "well at least you got the mean cold look. He gave me a sweet smile. I'm just glad the motherfucker doesn't know where I live because I'm Goddamn sure he likes boys."

Matthew replied "now you see why it was a bad idea to antagonize that son of a bitch. Look for the record I have no sympathy for him. I doubt he was wrongfully convicted. My only concern is your safety."

Helen asked "good please keep an eye on us."

Matthew nodded and said "you bet I will. I must admit I was very uncomfortable facing off with someone I know was likely proven guilty of child molestation beyond a reasonable doubt. I'm 18 and because I'm your friend I'll tell you the cold hard truth that the world isn't all strawberry shakes and Hershey bars. Now here's 35 bucks. You two run to the corner store and bring back four cold bottles of coke and a bag of Hershey bars."

Helen and Jason take off.
Matthew turned to Zachary and told him "you know I care about you and will watch over you like a little brother but right now I'm a little pissed off at you."

Zachary looked puzzled and asked "what for?"

"Interrupting me, I mean I hate to sound like a bitchy teacher but I really wanted to avoid interruptions because of the serious situation at hand."

Zachary replied "I know it's serious, shit feel my heart pounding."

Matthew put his left hand on Zachary's shoulder and placed his right hand against Zachary's heart.

Matthew nodded and said "you have a strong heart pumping."

Zackary smiled with a nod and his mentor continued "anyhow the old oak tree that Helen finds creepy makes an excellent boundary line. By the way I imagine that tree has been there for one hundred years."

Zachary replied "oh I was born here in this neighborhood and it's been here forever. I've seen it every day since I learned to walk."

Matthew replied "it's easy to get familiar with because it really is eerie for some reason. Maybe it's just psychological and we let ourselves see it that way."

Zachary started to breathe heavily and then he said "just between us Matthew it gives me the creeps just like it does Helen."

Matthew nodded and said "yes" in a deep voice then he added "I can tell it also gives Jason the chills but neither of you will admit in front of each other."

Zachary immediately responded "just plain wicked I tell you!"

Matthew in turn responded "yes and now beyond the old oak tree that's so wicked a wicked one resides. Let the wicked oak tree be the ultimate boundary line. Don't climb it and don't you dare cross beyond it."

Zachary leaned up against the wall and slowly sat down.

Matthew raised his finger and stated firmly "when they get back I will tell them the same as I told you."


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