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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Poetry · Spiritual · #2237440
The amazing natural phenomenon of the day and the night reveals the creation.

The night and the day

I was contemplating the velvet sky speckled with a myriad of stars,
The full blazing moon lightening the murk of the night,
Amazed by this magnificent domed view and the afar distance,

There, in space black holes and galaxies,
Far millions of years from the solar system and our earthly globe,
Let someone think about the black matter meaning,

The mystical silence contrasting with the noisy day,
The night darkness contrasting with the sunny day,
The shining sun and the cyanic azure,

The inconspicuous fence between the day and the night,
Where the day in meting into the night and the night is melting into the day,
In cyclical machine yields the twenty-four hours,

The day and night cycle occurs in a wink,
When all this seems evident and at the tip of fingers,
The amazing creation surpasses our cleverness.

KHBEY/ The day and the night/ 156 words/ November 2020
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