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Rated: E · Short Story · Children's · #2237444
A little girl gets a funny gift for her birthday.
The Cat in a Box

Today is my birthday.
My Mom and Dad got me a new doll for my birthday.
She came with a cradle that rocks with a blanket
and pillow so I can put my baby to sleep.
The dolly also has a bottle that looks like it is full of milk.
When you put the bottle in her mouth to feed her,
the milk goes away until it is an empty bottle.
When you take it out of the baby's mouth
and put it on the table, it fills up with milk again.
It is like magic!
I love my new dolly.
After I took my doll out of the box,
our kitty cat Mistletoe climbed inside the box.
I think she was pretending it was her fort.
There was a scrap of paper and some ribbon in the box,
and Mistletoe was pawing at the paper and ribbon
and making quite a noise inside the box.
Our dog Bluto came over to see what the noise was all about.
Bluto pawed at the box the kitty was in and
the kitty got even more excited.
Bluto started barking so Dad took him outside.
Our kitty was having fun in the box.
She was having even more fun now that
Bluto wasn't barking at her.
I took my new dolly out of her cradle and
went outside to show her the backyard.
Daddy and Bluto were playing fetch with a ball.
It was a lovely, sunshiny day.
Birds were tweeting in the trees.
Two squirrels were chasing each other across our picket fence.
They are such good balancers.
I think my dolly was getting bored so I took her back inside.
Mistletoe was still playing inside the box.
It was funny to hear her scratching and clawing inside the box.
My Mom and I started laughing.
It was a fun birthday.
I never thought I would get a cat in a box for my birthday.
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