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by K.HBey
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The princess Ludmila wanted a brave man who would be by her side and protect her anyway.


Once upon a time, a princess named Ludmila lived in a magnificent locality named Frozen land.
She was a slender blond with long blond hair and big blue eyes. She was clever.
Her father the king Watson was worried and asked her, "My dear daughter you look like a young beautiful lady. Many princes want to marry you but you have refused all of them".
"Dear father I want someone brave who is able to protect me and be by my side anyway", she said.
" Lorris Abraham is the prince of Fire land and he wants to marry you. Would you like to meet him this weekend for the royal dinner?"
"Humm! Ok! Father! It can go", she replies.

The charming prince Lorris Abraham came tonight. He was a blond slender man with black hair and big blue eyes. He caught the eyes of all the women at the dancing masquerade ball.
"Can you allow me this dance princess Ludmila", Lorris said lining towards her and taking her hand smoothly.
She followed him and started to dance with him.
Then they sat down alone around a white table at the corner in the courtyard.
He took her hands and looked straight forward in her eyes and saying to her, "I love you, princess, you are so beautiful".

Suddenly, the prince Lorris became completely overwhelmed withdrawing his hands from Ludmila's ones,
"Ho! What's this?" He said.
A big snake in the garden tried to bite Ludmila.
She screamed and asked Lorris to help her.
He run fleeing her and refused to afford the least help.

A robust gentleman masked into a gargoyle came fast and killed the snake. Then he took Ludmila between his arms warmly and sucked her arm where she was bitted to release the venom and then he spitted it.
Ludmila asked him about his name, he refused and he went quickly.
His father knew about it and asked the guardians to bring back the gargoyle and not let him go.

When Ludmila saw him again she smiled and her face was flushed.
The king asked him, "Would you marry my daughter Ludmila, Gargo?"
The gargoyle became nervous and said, "I am a hybrid, a gargoyle, and a human, and I am just the first minister of the South island kingdom. I have no royal blood. Princess Ludmula deserves someone noble and distinguished, your Excellency ".
Ludmila cried and went to her room completely broken heart. She could not forget his tender hug and his warm glance. She could not forget how he was ready to put his life in danger so that to save her life. She realized that he was the man of his life.

King Watson made negotiations with the South island kingdom so that to allow this alliance.
"I will do all so that my daughter will live with the man she loves, the brave one who has saved her life", he said.
All the neighborhood kingdoms agreed finally and a big marriage ceremony was organized.
Ludmila was happy to live with Gargo, the brave man.
He hugged her warmly and kissed her.
Ludmila and Gargo became wife and husband respectively henceforth.

KHBEY/Ludmila/520 words/November 10th 2020
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