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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #2237721
An aquarium is offered to Fabian for his birthday.

The aquarium

Fabian says to his Dad, "Can you buy me an aquarium as a gift for my birthday?"
Michel, his dad says, "We will both make an aquarium together. Would you?"
"Ok! Dad," Fabian says with bright eyes wide open.
"We need some glass, glue, water, and some decorations like pebbles", Michel replies.
"Dad, do fishes need any food"?
"Of course, we will buy some special fish nutrients and we should put some light, oxygen, and an engine so that to renew water and allow some ventilation", he responds to his son.

"Here is a glass rectangular box that will be the recipient of the aquarium, Fabian".
"Dad, can you allow me to decorate it, please"?
"Yes, dear, let us start".
"I want this wonderful picturesque poster as a background of the aquarium and these multicolored pebbles would be put in the abyss of the aquarium. I want to add these starfishes and shells too, Dad".
"Now let put these red-cute fishes in the water. The aquarium is accommodated now", Michel says.

Fabian a boy of twelve is completely amazed by this view of this enlighted aquarium with the red fishes. He is submerged in an aquatic world where he seems surrounded by fishes.
Michel hears a big noise coming from Fabian's room in the night.
He enters and says, "What's the matter, Fabian?"
A cat breaks the aquarium and fishes litter on the ground.
Fabian says, "I caught a fish".

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