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In a water park
As you come to, you find yourself sitting on a huge black and orange plane. It doesn't take you long to realize that somehow you've shrunk, you couldn't be any taller than 2 inches. You have no idea how you managed to stay in the cart but your clothes sure didn't, as you find yourself nude.You scamper over to the side of the cart to try and find a way out.
You steal a glance behind you and you see the hispanic girl you were admiring earlier, only on a much bigger scale. You realize she's heading right to your car! If you don't find a way out soon, you're in for trouble!
You soon realize that there is no escape from the car. The walls are far too slick to climb. You turn again and face your fate, as there is no avoiding that the giant hispanic beauty is going right into your cart. As she lifts her leg to step in, the feeling returns to your groins as you can't help but once again be excited by her perfect form. But now is not the time to be thinking about that, you must be sure to avoid her incoming butt!
As she lowers herself to the seat of the car, you move as close to the far wall as possible. This proves to be a good idea, as she stays in the middle of the car and pulls down the lap bar.
You realize that you will need this young woman's help if you are going to survive another trip through this roller coaster. You cautiously approach the woman and push on your leg.
As she looks down and sees you, she puts her hand over her mouth to stifle a scream. She cradles you in her two hands, making sure to hold you low enough to keep you hidden, and asks you who you are and how you got like that.
You explain to her as best you can, though even you do not know the entire story. You beg her to take you somewhere for help, though you don't know where.
As you finish your request, the car lurches and starts its way up the track.
"Well it looks like that is not an option at the moment, first I have to buckle you in for the ride of your life!"
And with that she tucks you into the top of her cup of her bikini away from her breast and tucks you in. She then eases it back into place so that you're covered up to your neck. You find your legs straddling her nipple, which has grown hard. As have you.
"Its not quite the teacups," she whispered, "But I think we'll enjoy the ride."
And with that, the ride began its climb.
You hear her friends as "What's so funny?" and she replies "Nothing, I just thought that was fun"
As she climbed out of the cart she folded her arms so the bulge on there breast wouldn't show through.
"Do you mind if I just go to the bath room?" she asked of her friends and ran off leaving them. She unfolded her arms so they were free.
This ride was really bouncy for you as your new friend went into the girls bathroom and a few seconds later light poured into your current world.
"You okay little guy?" she asked concerned.
"Yeah, that was an experience" you said.
"I enjoyed it" she smiled a really lovely smile "Did you?"
You didn't answer at first "Yeah I guess I did" you were conscious that you had your hand on her hard nipple which was getting harder by the second with your touch and quickly took your hand away from it.
"No" she cooed "Touch it again"
"Miss, I need to get back to normal size!" You exclaimed trying to change the subject.
"I'm sorry, I can't help you right now, I'm here with friends" she explained. "But I need to keep you a secret, my friends might get a little rough"
Though all you could see was her face you could tell she was doing something beyond your vision. A few seconds later a wad of toilet paper appeared at the opening.
"Move up little guy" she said and jammed the paper between you and her bikini top. Several more wads of paper appeared and surrounded you.
"Whats this for?" You asked.
"I can't walk around all day with a bump on my breast, people will wonder what it is, so I'm trying to pad the bump you make out." she closed her bikini and checked her profile in the mirror "Perfect! No one will ever know you're in there!"
You felt her pressing into your back as she tried to totally flatten the paper down, but it also pressed you more into her breast.
"Don't worry" she said "Just wait until I get home, then we can figure out what to do with you. Are you okay to stay in there for a few hours?"
"Okay, if I have to" you said, but she couldn't hear you as your voice was muffled by the paper and her bikini top but she assumed you were cool with it.
"Okay then, just hold on tight" she opened the door of the womans bathroom "and enjoy the ride." She then goes back to the ride and you fall out on the seat. There's little you can do as her wide pink bikini clad bottom casts a shadow across the seat and you. You only stare up in shock at the firm rounded buttocks and the long shapely dark legs that come from it. When it starts to lower you finally snap from your shock but it's to late as her massive body comes down so swiftly. Diving flat on the plastic seat her right butt cheek begins to grind you into the hard seat and your body feels like it will be crushed when suddenly the weight shifts only to be replaced a moment later. After closing your eyes in fear you open them and find yourself encased in darkness with only a sliver of light ahead of you that you eventually realize is coming between her legs. It dawns on you that you are now trapped in the buttcrack of this gigantic hispanic girl, pressed in on from every side by the thin pink material. Just then a jolting motion occurs and the ride you realize is off and on its way. You decide to stay put. If you move around, you might get ejected from the car and that wouldn't be too good! Anyway, it's comfortable where you're at. Just hope to God the hispanic girl doesn't fart. As the ride continues, the hispanic girl shifts her weight all over you. For a moment, you thought you might be going UP her butt when the car goes down a steep hill.
Finally, the ride is over. The Hispanic girl gets out with you clinging to her butt cheek. You think it best to stay with this girl for one reason or another and cling as best you can to her bikini bottom. You kick her butt cheek while you hold on with your arms as she stand up, but she doesn't react at all. Then she begins to walk. Her butt is quite big, and with every swing of her leg her buttcheek swings back and forth, not to mention the emense jiggling after every footfall. It's starting to become a little too much for you to handle, and your head is spinning as your hands begin to loose grip on the material. "Ive been wanting to ride this for a long time!" The girl says. You then loose your grip and land on the seat of the ride. You manage to get out of your daze to see the beautiful girl hop on top of you and your once again squished under her butt. unfortunately for you your under her right cheek and under alot of pressure, and to add to your troubles this is a ride that rises up several hundred feet and does a strait vertical drop down several times. The ride starts going up, its so fast that the girls body starts feeling heavier and your being mashed more and more. Then the ride does the drop and for awhile you feel her weight come off of you. That feeling is gone when the ride reaches the bottom and her ass slams down on you and it is ALOT worse than when she first sat on you. Her butt crushed you so hard that when the ride did a second drop you were completely flattened and stuck to her butt. IT looked like she had a little man tattoo on her right cheek. The ride does several more rises and drops and each time is worse than the last for you. The ride finally come to an end. The girl then sneezes and you slip off and fall on the seat.
You watch as the hispanic girl takes the seat behind you. You breath a sigh of relief. Your relief is short lived however because one of the friends you had spotted earlier stepped up beside your seat. The sun almost blinds you as it reflects off of her long, blonde hair. She's talking to the hispanic girl in the back as she begins to step into the car. You take in your surroundings in a split second and notice that a brunette girl is approaching the seat beside you. The sun winks out and you look up in surprise as the blonde's ass is descending toward you.
You have to make a decision quick. You could jump to the floor of the car, but she may step on you during the ride. The seat isn't very large, and you could chance squeezing to the edge, but if she sits on you with her cheeks, you would most certainly die. The door next to the other seat is just getting pulled open by the brunette friend.
You immediately turn away from the blond's bum and try to run stumbling in your haste. You glance up at her rapidly descending ass and you realize that even if you had reached the very edge you still would've been trapped under her cheek. You think to yourself "So this is how it ends..." as her butt crushes you. You feel a massive amount of pain but you aren't dead. You open your eyes and you don't see anything. "Am I dead?" you think to yourself, "I don't think this is what death is supposed to feel like." On the front of your body was a huge warm mass that was strangely soft but powerful enough to flatten your body. You then realize that your body was flattened and you were underneath the blond's titanic tush. You feel her move around a bit crushing you even more. Then the ride starts. As the roller coaster starts its assent you feel her bum scoot back a bit smearing you onto the seat and putting more pressure on you. Then when it starts downward the pressure lifts a bit but then hits you again as it rises again. The ride seems to last forever each moment feels like an hour because of the pain you're in. Finally the ride ends and You feel her huge ass lift off the seat, leaving you battered and tired on the small chair. You try to wriggle to gain your form, but you suddenly freeze to have another shadow cast over you. You manage to crane your neck up, only for your eyes to widen to see the biggest camel toe you've ever seen into the firmest ass. She's wearing a bright yellow bikini, and her ass had already swallowed her bikini bottom, leaving her features to stick out quite well. You barely catch large breasts before the brunette began to sit. In your shock you had forgotten to fight your way free, and her body plops down onto the seat. Despite her weight and sudden heat, you soon recognize two large lips over your legs, although judging by the smell your head is closer to her ass. You try to fight, wiggling to give her a hint that she sat on something, but she only grinds into her seat at the irritation. You hear her growl, lift her body then slam back down leaving you even flatter then before.
The entire right she slammed, moved, and grind her body into you until you feel yourself practically shaped around her privates. You can't tell if it's because the leather of the seat it sticking to her exposed skin, or because she has such a figure. As the ride comes to a stop you hear a loud buckle release and the giantess begins to rise.
"Slorp!" Was the wet slapping sound made as the yellow bikini arose, leaving your flattened body in the exact shape of her vagina. You cringe with disgust as you tried your best to reform. Just then you look over to the blonde and she appears to be with some friends all chubbier than she is! As you look a girl from that group starts walking you way, she is some kind of cowgirl based on her American flag two piece bikini, cowboy boots and matching hat. She is a dirty blonde with mild freckles, but what surprised you was her size. Her butt was easily twice the size of the brunette's that was eating her bikini bottoms, next was her big double D breasts practically bursting out of her tops. You were in utter awe, until she was hovering right over you. You tried your best to yell or reform but nothing worked! She slammed her booty down trying to entertain her friends. You however were sucked into the abyss being chewed on just like her bottoms. As the ride went wild you were rhythmically crushed to all sides of her rear all the while being farted on and smelling the putrid stench of her butthole. The ride came to a stop and she got up. You couldn't even see the seat let alone be stuck to it. She walked over to her friends grinding you into the sweaty fabric. She then farted and you got launched back to the ride where the blonde was. The blonde comes within half a foot of sitting on you when she pauses. She turns around and looks down at the seat. It appears all your yelling paid off. ...but no. She grabs the two ends of the seat belt and is about to turn around again when she spots you. You watch as her eyes register shock, and then curiosity.
"Hey Shayla, sit down. The ride is about to start."
Shayla looks at her friend, then quickly snatches you in her right hand and sits down. You watch as an attendant walks toward your car on this side, checking all the restraints.
"Do you need help with the belt?" the attendant asks Shayla. You glance from your hiding place in Shayla's right hand by the wall, at her brunette friend who smiles and shakes her head.
The attendant buckles up Shayla's belt and pulls the restraining bar down in front of Shayla and her friend. The attendant walked to his booth and pushed a few switches to start the ride in motion.
"Shayla, you're such a player." the brunette says while stiffling a laugh. "It didn't amount to much though did it?"
"I'm not so sure Debbie." Shayla glances casually at you. "I guess we'll just have to wait and see."


The ride goes through all the twists and turns that you'd come to expect with such rides. Since you are small, all the G forces seem intensified and the ride seems to take forever. A couple times, Shayla's grip is a little overwhelming, but you survive. As soon as the ride stops, Shayla unbuckles and calls, "I need to grab a drink. Save me a place in line at the Matador. I hear the lines are long for that thing!"
Her friends agreed to as they all get up and leave the ride. Shayla heads the opposite direction towards a water fountain, but once out of sight of her friends, unexpectedly changes direction and enters a porta-potty. After closing the door she opens her hand and takes a closer look at you.
"I've been thinking and I have big plans for you little man."
"My name is Pete!!" you call up to her.
"Oh, okay Pete. Well, as I was saying, I've been pondering some ideas of what to do with you. But for now, we can't risk anyone else seeing you. I've got to hide you somewhere on me." You look her up and down and immediately notice that this notion is impossible. It's not like she has any pockets. Her bikini top was skimpy. Basically two patches of cloth attached by a string.
"Where on earth would you hide me?!? It's not like you could just stick me in your cleavage... it's wide open!"
Shayla put her finger to her lips and thought for a moment, then a light hit her eyes. "I got it! I'll just put you in my bikini bottom!"
"What??! That's gross!" but as soon as you said it, you realized you were turned on.
"It'll only be for a while. ... and it's not like you have a choice." With that she giggled. You're stunned as Shayla quickly draws back her bikini and her buttcrack is exposed. She gently lowers you down, and you suddenly find yourself freefalling for a short time as you come to a stop partway down as you come in contact with her huge ass cheeks.
"You okay down there?"
"I guess so. If it's only for a little while. Just... just try to keep in mind that I'm down here PLEASE?!?" You're immediately thankful that she hadn't placed you a little deeper between her cheeks for 'safekeeping'. "It smells worse than I thought it would."
"Well, suck it up princess. You're lucky someone didn't think you were a bug! I'll take care of you. Just be thankful you're not dead or something." That put things into perspective a little. With that, she snapped the elastic back in place. Her swimsuit squished you a little more between her cheeks, but at least you were secure.
You feel movement as Shayla opens the door and goes in search of her friends. "Maybe I should just get my clothes and tell the girls that I'm not feeling so good or something." Obviously this was just to herself, but you feel good about how she seems to be thinking about your benefit. She could spend the rest of the day with you trapped by her ass. Like she said, it's not like you have a choice. Shyla finally catches up with her friends and is now waiting in line. Twenty minutes pass by when she starts to feel that wedgie she needs to pick. Completely forgotten where you are she pushes her fingurers into her buttcrack to grab the material so she can pull it out of her ass. This casuses YOU to get pushed deeper in between her cheeks. She now feels you close to her asshole and does a quiet gasp to herself. She then felt you squirming like crazy wanting to get out. She starts giggling and her friends look at her. She ignores them and pulls the cloth out of her ass. The rollercoaster tram pulls up, and as Shyla is reaching around to pull you out, the attendants open the gates and start letting people take their seats. Shyla's friends pull her along, saying "Come on wedgie-girl, let's go!" and Shyla, still smiling to herself, leaves you trapped between her huge butt cheeks. She plops down into one of the cushioned seats, and as she does her butt cheeks press at your backside, pushing you just slightly towards her anus. Shyla leans onto one side as the attendants start to push the metal bars down over people's laps, and tries one last time to pull you out. Shyla accidentally pushes you with her index finger as she attempts to grab you, and giggles as you get squished against her anus. "Oops..." she says to herself, almost sarcastically. As she is about to pull you out, the attendant pushes the safety bar down across her lap, forcing her to sit all the way down, and pinning you between her huge butt cheeks. She pulls her hand out, leaving you in her butt.
As the ride starts up, you can feel the rumbling of the tram as Shyla's ass cheeks quiver all around you. As the rollercoaster goes off the first drop, you feel weightless as Shyla's ass is lifted off the seat. Then it comes crashing down, and her butt cheeks squeeze together, putting pressure against your backside. Your crotch is right against Shyla's anus, and you can't help but feel a excited, from all the vibrations. However, as the coaster turns and spins and shakes, Shyla's ass is lifted off the seat, smashed back down, and jiggled incessantly. This only causes you to get crushed between her butt cheeks and slammed against her anus over and over. Every time you are smashed into her butthole, she laughs and shouts in enjoyment, but you aren't sure when she's laughing because of you and when she's yelling because of the ride.
As the ride finally comes to a stop, and the girls get off, Shyla squeals "Oh man, that was so much fun!" and they begin walking. It seems Shyla has forgotten about you, or perhaps she just isn't taking you out yet.
After the horrid roller coaster ride, you desperately hoped that Shyla was heading somewhere private to take you out. Unfortunately, you had no such luck.

"Hurry up Shyla! We gotta go get in line for the rock climbing wall!" her friend yelled. Upon hearing this, you began to thrash wildly. You had been on the rock climbing wall before, and knew that with her wearing that tight harness, you'd certainly be in an unpleasant position. She may have been a beautiful girl, but being forced up her ass was not something you wanted to experience. Just being as close as you were to her asshole was awful in and of itself.

Shyla smirked at the feeling of her new tiny friend squirming around in her butt. She had only put him there to hide him until she could get him home, but now that he was there she had to admit it felt amazing. She had a feeling that as long as she was "taking care of him", he'd be nestled between her sexy cheeks.

Not wanting her friends to notice her acting strangely, she nonchalantly clenched her cheeks to stop the squirming, squeezing your tiny form between the fleshy mounds. You screamed out in pain, but there wasn't a chance of you being heard through the meaty cheeks that surrounded you. All you did was elicit a tiny giggle from Shyla due to the buzzing sensation as you screamed into her flesh. Realizing it was useless, you ceased your squirms, not wanting to endure anymore unnecessary clenching. You'd need your strength for the upcoming rock climbing wall.

The walk over was fairly uneventful, aside from the rhythmic bouncing of Shyla's swaying cheeks. It was interrupted only briefly as Shyla stopped to pull on her jean shorts and tank top over her swimsuit. Your already cramped prison became even more so as her tight shorts compressed her cheeks further. Even so, he knew it was nothing compared to what he'd experience during her climb.

Finally, the moment of truth arrived. They had arrived at the rock wall. You expected a break when they arrived as they waited in line, but for some reason there was barely a line at all. Within minutes, it was Shyla's turn to climb. As she stepped into the harness, she knew that as much fun as it may be for her, for the man in her butt it would certainly be a living hell.

She pulled up her harness, securing it snuggly over her shoulders. Before even connecting it to the bungee cord she could already feel it beginning to give her a wedgie. And you could feel it too as her bikini bottom began to sink deeper into her crack, lightly pressing against your back though not enough to drive you any deeper. That changed as soon as she connected the bungee cord.

For Shyla, the cord was like someone constantly giving her a wedgie. For you, it was a constant force trying to banish you into the depths of her ass. It gave it the force necessary to begin driving you deeper. Luckily, you manage to stop yourself by by bracing your arms and legs against her cheeks.
Shyla giggled as she felt you trying to fight against her butt. There wasn't anything she could do to help you now though (not that she would have done anything if she could). Giggling, she began her ascent.
Your punishment between her cheeks instantly became much worse. Now that she was hanging in the air, the bungee cord was fighting against gravity, increasing the strength of the cord and in turn the force of the harness on your back. Not only that, but as she climbed, her pumping legs made it much more difficult to maintain your hold on her cheeks. You imagined that it might have been kind of hot to watch her climb from the ground, but from your current position it was hell.
Normally, Shyla would have found the brace forcing her bikini bottoms into her ass uncomfortable, but you wriggling in panic between her cheeks more than made up for any discomfort. Now that she was fairly high up in the air and out of earshot of her friends, she was able to talk to shrunken boy. "Enjoying my booty little guy? Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you. Maybe I'll take you out when I get home." She laughed as she said this, lightly shaking her ass to make sure he was jostled around quite a bit.
You were now face to face with this girl's enormous asshole. You were fighting it to the best of your ability, but if the cord pulled any harder on your enormous captress you'd almost certainly become a chew toy for her anus. You see a opening in her pants and you take it and you fall on a seat.

You struggle to move, but you're slow to reform, and the ride operator is too quick in letting the next group into the boarding area. Soon, you see the largest butt attached to the slimmest waist you've ever laid eyes on. How it was contained in those black stretch pants you will never know.

This time though, you experienced something a little different. Instead of being crushed by the unbearable weight of that beautiful backside, you felt yourself somehow just lightly smothered. Somehow, you ended up right in the middle of those two huge cheeks. As the ride went up and down, your movement was limited, but much less than it was before. In fact, you even found yourself able to completely unflatten, even if you had to remain immobile. This gave you a glimmer of hope for when this giantess stood that you would be able to follow her out of the cart.

Soon you felt the ride come to a final stop and you prepared to make your move. Suddenly though, you felt your world become compacted on all sides. While you weren't crushed, you couldn't move an inch. The giantess' cheeks, which had been spread as she sat, were now clasped shut as she stood. You can feel your left hand and your right foot sticking out from her butt, other than that though, you were completely and totally encassed within the wedgie that was created by those black stretch pants a butt like that requires. The giantess stood up and strode out of the cart, completely oblivious that she was holding you captive. Despite your freedom from the ride, you're now stuck even more than you were before. Trapped between the two most massive butt cheeks you've ever laid eyes on. You can wiggle your foot and fingers just a little, but beyond that you can't even make an attempt to squirm free.

The woman's hips shake back and forth as she walks, and her cheeks rub against each other with each step she takes, compacting you even more. At one point she stops, probably standing in line for something, and clenches her cheeks unwittingly over you, compacting your body tight.

After a few minutes, she starts to walk again. With one step, her cheeks push you out slightly, but with the next you're pulled back in. This process repeats itself over and over again with you still stuck in darkness with an unbearable pressure over your whole body.

But finally, the woman rounds a corner and reaches back to pull out the wedgie that you've become.

She pulls her wedgie, and you, out and feels you in her hand. "What the?" she says as she pulls you up to her face. "What is this?" she asks her self and she squeezes your head with her fingers. Your body unflattens and you yell up at her "please stop youre crushing me!!!" Her eyes widen when she hears you and she lets you rest on the palm of her hand. "What were you doing in my butt?" she asks in an angry tone. You reply "You sat on me during the last ride and..." She cuts you off "Don't lie to me if I sat on you theres no way my huge ass wouldn't have killed you.Tell me the truth you little pervert!" You try again but it looks like you're screwed. "Fine lets test your story" She says evily. She walks up to a cement bench and drops you onto it. She then plops down smashing you worse then you have ever been. She makes sure she keeps you under her gigantic right cheek and leans on it to put maximum pressure on you. You are ground by her gigantic butt and then hammered down by it as she lifts her ass up and slams it down. You actually wish you were still in her crack because this was worse than all of the rides you've been through put together. When she finally got tired of plastering you she scooted over to look at you. Your body was flatter than a piece of paper and smashed into the cement bench. She tried to peel you off but no luck so she just waited and stared at you. "He's dead" she says to herself after 10 minutes and she starts to get up. When your body suddenly pops up and unflattens. She gives you a huge smile and says "We're gonna have ALOT of fun!" She then
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