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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Friendship · #2237848
The lion Sam and the zebra Rosa were friends.
The lion and the zebra

When the lion Sam was close to a scene where another lion Albert killed the son of the zebra Marta, he showed indifference and went quickly disappearing into the savannah.
"Hi! Sam!" A voice from the trees shady was heard and the lion Sam was searching for the source of this familiar voice.
"Rosa! How are you my friend zebra?" Sam says.

"We aren't friends anymore!" Rosa replied with her melancholic eyes moistened with tears.
"What's the matter, Rosa?" Sam asked fully confused and trying to hug her.
"Rosa withdrew energetically and responded with anger, "Have you forgotten yesterday's scene?"
"Which scene do you mean?" Sam asked completely lost.
Rosa couldn't respond exactly and said stuttering, "Ho! It was horrible! Marta is doing her son mourning".
"Rosa! I am sorry for that but it's not the first time that zebras are killed by lions. It is Savanah's law", Sam responded casually and showing a certain superiority and sarcasm.

"I am ashamed to have you like a friend indeed. You show indifference and superiority. I cannot bear this anymore. Friends are equal", She replied with full engagement.
"Rosa! I love you", Sam replied completely demolished.
"See Sam, I am a zebra and I will not change. You are a lion and you will not change", Rosa said completely upset.
"However, you seem to show superiority and disdain against zebras. You seem indifferent to a zebra baby kill. You seem someone strange that I have never known. Farewell!" Rosa added.

KHBEY/The lion and the zebra/252 words/ November 16th 2020
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