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I deliberated long and hard before making the decision.
It wasn't as if it was a decision that would change my life or affect me in any way! Although I did have reservations! My girl friend at the time was a delight really. Her name was Jane and she was a willowy blonde with a sensational figure. You could describe it as being of an hour glass figure with breasts that I knew intimately! She had a bright and wonderful sense of humor and her laugh would make anybody laugh with her!

She was also very naive and I was forever telling her that she could be seen from the apartments facing mine when she was walking about the place naked as she was born! It seemed as if she would come alive when stripped of her restrictive clothes. Mind you, it wasn't as if I was a killjoy! On the contrary! Many a week would pass when we lived every day without wearing anything. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

It was a decidedly hot summers day when I made that fateful decision to ask Jane whether it was a good idea or not! I can clearly remember us laying out on the balcony naked and enjoying the heat of the sun and posing the following question.

"Would you like us to join a nudist club?"

"Oh Yes please!"

She had sat up and was obviously keen on the idea. She wanted to know how many other people would be naked.?Did they have a pool and sauna? What about meals and would be able to stay several days there? And finally, she wanted to know where it was and how soon can we go?

Through a dear friend I had already joined the club and paid the fees together with booking a chalet at their club's very private house and grounds. That very week end we packed a few clothes and as it was another hot day we both opted for singlets and shorts. A short car journey saw us arrive at the gates of the club and after showing my membership card we
were allowed entry.

Parking the car alongside a sizable chalet we could see several nude figures walking past and others were enjoying the sunshine in their recliners. Jane was quick to remove her clothes and use the shower. After an enjoyable drink of coffee we both decided that the time had come when we should go for a naked walk to view the amenities and perhaps meet other nervous first timers, like ourselves! It seemed strange to be walking naked alongside an equally naked and very attractive female.

We needn't have worried as we approached the pool area there was a group of youngsters all standing about and chatting. The welcome was perfect and we quickly introduced ourselves. They were all amazingly bronzed and fit looking. and were all wearing bow ties around their necks. Asked about this, they explained that the bow ties indicated that they were on the staff.

Leaving them Jane and I casually approached a woman leaning over a man laying on a massage table and with excessive amounts of oil she was applying pressure on the man's chest. Jane gasped and pointed discreetly at the man's penis which was at it's peak and being grasped by the woman. I laughed and whispered to Jane that I could be tempted to try that.

"Oh no your'e not! That's my job and I can see I'll be tending to you later!"

Walking slowly round the grassy banks we could see groups of nudists all involved in various activities. There was an art class with a circle of easels around a couple posing as lovers in an embrace and clearly the man was fully aroused with a giant of a penis standing proud! Jane was enjoying herself and seeing the man's erection reached round and got hold of my flaccid penis.

"All this nudity is making me randy as hell and I wan't you inside me as soon as possible.

Who could resist an invitation like that?

After a really enjoyable session of kissing and fondling on a mattress at the side of a pool, we decided against having sex there and then as there were other people nearby/ One chap loomed over us and complimented Jane on a beautiful figure and me for having a monster cock! He was also well endowed and his penis almost reached his knees. Heavily tattooed with several rings pierced and hanging on his ball sack. Jane was amazed at the open attitude people had towards each other. It would seem nothing was sacred and to be with so many differently shaped naked bodies was enlightening!

We were about to leave the pool area when an elderly bloke came up to us and I asked him if he had been a member of the club for some time.

"Yes, I have for some years now. My wife used to be with me but sadly she passed away last year. You are new here aren't you? I can tell by the white parts on your good lady's body. Which, by the way, is enough to give a healthy male a massive hard on! And, by the way, I would advise you young man not to go near the old stable block. With a lovely big penis that you have there, it wouldn't be prudent to be alone there!"

"Why is that?" Asked Jane.

"That is our 'gay' fraternity and I'm afraid their scruples are not the same of most of us. They will insist on showing their erect penises without a thought for others. Not only that I saw one man mount another and penetrate his backside with his penis. Disgusting isn't it? "

We agreed and walked on. There was a great deal of activity in the tennis courts where sweaty couples were doing a fine impression of a naked Wimbledon with swinging penises and heaving breasts! Interesting to watch though! Jane and I were enjoying the sight of so many naked people of different shapes and sizes, all mixing together without a care in the world.
It was, without doubt, a very enlightening experiment and we are going to become regular members of the Nudist Club!
Jane beat me to it and before we left that Club she asked for a membership application form from a very healthy looking couple running the office. She was a beauty and had breasts with large nipples that cried out for a good suck and lick. I must have been aroused at the sight of those golden globes and when she say my rising penis she leaned over the counter and patted my half erect penis with her fingers.

"You'll have to become a fully subscribed member before I can give you my full attention!"

I couldn't wait to fill in the application form and make my next visit to this paradise of beautiful bodies!

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