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A married couple seeking assistance after a breakdown find themselves in a strange place.
Polly’s feet hurt. Of course, Rick had assured her before they left that the spare was good. He'd only just bought it a year ago after all. You worry too much Polly. Let your man worry about man stuff, you don't need to think about it. Well so much for man stuff. It was her man who had run through that giant pothole in the road and burst their tire, her man who had refused to check the spare and realized too late that it was deflated, and it was her man who had gotten them completely lost in the forest when he insisted they try a shortcut to a nearby town on the map. Polly’s patience was wearing thin and Rick was tapdancing on her last nerve.

Three hours later it was getting dark, and finally they came to a small valley dotted with brightly colored single-story buildings set in neat rows. There were no windows visible on any of the structures, and no streets, no people outside, no cars, no powerlines, nothing but those candy-colored boxes that may have been homes but seemed awfully small. An eerie silence stretched over them, unbroken by the usual expected sounds of human life.

This is a strange town, Polly thought to herself, feeling uneasy for some reason she couldn't quite put her finger on. What kind of people wanted to live out here alone like this?

As if in response to her thought, Rick pointed past her shoulder to the little red building nearest them. A panel door slowly slid open, followed in unison by every other door in every building, and revealed that the denizens of this town were not, in fact, people at all.

Rick was already sprinting back into the woods before Polly even realized she was screaming.

(Word Count: 300)
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