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by david
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its about Melanie's first year of marriage

June 18th 2018
Dear Diary,
Brendan and me, well we love each other.
He is so sweet, I really love him to pieces.
Anyway today I found 8 towels on the bathroom floor,
He said he didn't do it. I must have done it and forgot.
I found shaving soap all over floor and hair stuck in the sink.
He is such a guy. I do love him really I do.
June 19th 2018
Dear Diary,
You'll never guess what Brendan did.
I came home early from work and found him in bed with
his mate Jason. They were just playing around.
He is so good to his mates. I love him for that.
he said there were no drugs involved so I believe him.
It was funny to find needles in the kitchen garbage bin.
Still boys will be boys.I do love him really I do.

June 20th 2018
Dear Diary,
Brendan gave me such a surprise last night.
He got into bed wearing my stocking and panties.
he even put one of my bras on to complete the look.
He is so thoughtful. He said he thought I would like it.
I guess it was okay. He's such a nice guy.
I really love him really I do.

June 23rd 2018
Dear Diary,
A funny thing happened today. The phone rang.
It was some girl called Cathy. I don't know anyone called Cathy.
She said she wanted to take to Brendan
about their date on Saturday Night.
I said there must be a mistake.

He said he was taking me out to the movies.
She got a bit angry when I said that. Oh Brendan is such
a popular guy. He has so many friends at work.
he's a real catch. I do love him really I do.

June 30th 2018
I think it might be over with me and Brendan.
he says I'm not allowed to write in my diary anymore.
I know he means well but I can't stay with
someone who won't let me have a diary.
it will be hard on my own. I do love him really I do.

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