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The description is too long, so it's on top of the story.
Description: This story has a life, and that life ends with a certain period of time. You'll only have that certain amount of time to read/review, then the story goes away, forever.

*I know it looks like I'm copying Unus Annus. I did get the idea from them. I'm actually doing this because free members aren't allowed to write more than 10 stories, and I love writing.*

You have til' this story dies.

Title: My Dream of an Apocolyspe

Genre: Nonsense, Other, Experience, Fantasy, Nonfiction + Fiction

Word Count: 1,396 words

Description: A story of a real dream I experienced

I had a dream...

In this dream, it was a dark night. I was playing a video game with a few people.

I didn’t expect anything, but the video game came to life.

There was an apocalypse. We had cool weapons and clothes.

We were inside a building. It had dark lavender walls and flooring.

We were being attacked by zombies...

The doors closed, splitting us up into teams of three.

Four people were behind the first door, one was behind the door in front of me, and I was with a guy.

“Ready!” He asked, looking at me, smiling.

“Uh…No!” I replied, scared.

“Well, ready or not, we have to do this!” He replied back, still smiling.

“Ok…” I breathed, smiling nervously.

We were on a balcony and there was a horde of zombies.

We both loaded our guns and started shooting.

I was very terrible at aiming, but I still killed some zombies. The guy next to me was a masterpiece when it came to shooting. He killed hundreds within the hour.

We barely escaped as we were showered by zombies, but we were saved when the doors opened in the middle of the battle and the people that were trapped joined the battle.

When we finished, we jumped to a smaller balcony that was like 25 feet below.

We were hidden by the tree that was near the balcony.

I realized that I didn’t know anyone here.

The guy that I was trapped with walked to me, noticing my distance.

“You don’t have to afraid of us, you know. I’m Jason.” He said, in a friendly tone.

“What’s your birthday?” I asked, the first thing that popped in my head.

“Huh?” He asked, confused.

His friend came before he could respond. his friend had brown hair with blue dyed tips. “There’s a group of zombies underneath the balcony. I feel that there will be a lot more the longer we wait.”

“Ok…” Jason looks at me then talks to him.

I looked around and saw a pink-haired girl with long pigtails carrying a crossbow with special arrows I’ve never seen before.

She was showing it off with another girl with shorter hair. It was like the guy’s blue hair except it was a darker brown with purple tips instead.

The pink-haired girl accidentally shot a zombie.

That was her biggest mistake.

The zombies now knew where we were and we had to act fast as the situation only got worse.

Jax and the pink-haired girl tripped into the zombie pit and was attacking them.

“JAX! TRISH!” they all shouted, except me.

I tried to shoot some of them, but my aiming was terrible and I was afraid I’d be next.

Jason told me and the purple-haired girl to climb to the roof. I was already to the roof when he told the girl to wait.

“Alex, give this to her. It’ll help with her shooting.” He said as he gave her an upgrade card.

“Kk.” She replied. “Where can we meet?”

“You won’t need to know, just go.” He said.

“Ok…” She climbed, worried.

She gave me the upgrade which contained a cool shield to collide with the gun.

We both ran together, jumping on top of other buildings that were zombie-free. When we were tired we stopped and tried to make beds out of small parts from our packs.

As Alex was preparing her bed, I looked around and spotted Jason going inside a market tent.

It was weird, but within a blink, I was there.

As I entered the marketplace, I saw Jason talking to a blond-haired girl, asking her for supplies.

I believe he saw me, but I disappeared… I was back to the building with Alex.

Alex didn’t notice a thing. She told me that she was done making the beds and it was time to eat.

We both sat on our beds and ate leftover rations that contained chicken, beef, bread, beans, cheese, and apple cider.

I decided to not talk about what I’ve seen as I thought it might’ve been a dream.

As Alex fell asleep, I looked at the glittering sky.

I could see a bridge. It was on top of a large ocean. I could see the horde of zombies as normal, but they were reaching toward something.

The sky became the reflection of a mirror till it bounced to the ground.

I and Alex were no longer on top of a building…

I woke Alex to tell her what I saw.

Alex gasped. “This is an orb of the world. If I’m right, we can end the apocalypse by pinpointing the real world and send signals.”

“Has this happened before?” I asked, wondering how she came with that solution so quickly.

“Yes, but not with an apocalypse,” Alex replied. “We have to be on top of the orb.”

“How do we do that?” I asked.

“Well… we’re already here.” She replied. “how do you think we’ve been sitting on top of this bridge without falling or being spiked?”

“Huh?” I asked before looking down. I guess I wasn’t thinking about how pointy or thin this bridge was.

“Ok. But how are we going to send a signal to a world that seems far away?” I asked.

“Because each reality is different, I’m going to be building a spaceship that can connect the dots between the world and this orb.” She replied.

“Um… How long is that going to take?” I asked.

“Between 5 to 15 minutes.” Alex gave me a weird look. “Have you’ve never built anything in this orb before?”

“No…” I said. I wanted to tell her, but I couldn’t.

As she was building her spacecraft, I realized what the zombies were trying to reach for.

“Jason…” I whispered looking back at the bridge.

Alex finished building her ship. “Jason…?” She asked.

“He’s on this bridge,” I replied, scared. “He’s trapped!“

“Really?!” She said, also scared. “There’s nothing we can do. He and the others will come back when the world is rebooted.”

“Is there a way you can do this alone?” I asked.

She looked at me nervously, but understood and said, “Yes… Here, take my special blade. I hope you’ll survive.”

I took the sharp neon blue blade.

“Thanks,” I replied, smiling sadly. “I will try my best to save him. Good luck. I hope you can end this apocalypse.”

She smiled nervously, before taking off. As she drove the ship to the real world, I was able to envision her connecting the red dots.

I went back inside the orb and fell into the ocean. I was lucky as it was clean, but I knew it probably won’t be for long…

I saw Jason fight the zombies and run away. I could feel his thoughts… He was thinking about how he’d never get to say goodbye to everyone, how he wished he could’ve gotten a better chance to be with me.

The zombies grouped in a circle, trapping Jason. He tried his best to fight them, but they eventually got him.

He was bitten and was in the stage of turning into a zombie. I cried as I had to watch my friend go into agony.

He looked in my direction, realizing I was near. I was paralyzed as he went closer and fell into the ocean.

“Trust me.” His mind said, even though he was now a full zombie. “On the outside, I may be a zombie, but inside, my heart is pure.”

I closed my eyes not knowing whether I should run away or stay.

When I opened my eyes, he was already here, but he wasn’t interested in eating me.

Instead, he looked back and said, “I’m sorry.” He was crying. “I tried to survive, but I didn’t.”

“It’s ok,” I replied, I hugged him even though I knew the risks.

He hugged back. As we were hugging, the orb was changing, pixelating to normal.

Jason was slowly changing to his normal self and I looked at the sky to see Alex coming back.

As the apocalypse was over, the orb turned into a blank platform that showed nothing except Alex, Me, Jason, and Jason's friends.

I took one look at Jason and then I woke up.

I kept wondering why I had that dream.

I hadn't played any apocalyptic games.

I then went back to sleep.

The End...*Pthb*

I described everyone by their hair because that was the only way I could remember them...

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