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In dreams we create happiness—in nightmares, not so much.
“I’m STUFFED! Totally and painfully STUFFED!”

“Huh? Your wattles are still hanging down, wobbling from side to side, like always. What are you talking about?”

“Don’t tell me, it was only a—”

“Nightmare, Henrietta? NOT another! I thought you were all over them.”

“Me too! Ever since I’ve been seeing Silas Togglefeathers, the turk-chiatrist, I’ve been SO much better.”

“Yep. You’ve definitely been doing more than your fair share of yelps and kee-kees since that last time. Sharing your problems out loud sure has helped… until now! Could it have anything to do with Farmer Fred walking through the yard waving the axe about? Is THAT what set you off again?”

Aarrgh... seriously, Matilda! Did you HAVE to mention that ugly, gullet-gripping in-humanoid? After I’ve busied myself constantly on my Cranberry Mac, checking all evasions of personal destruction my Gurgle could suggest? I found some rippers, you know… all forgotten now, and I must search all over again. Ohh bird, am I angsty now!”

“Wha-a-a-at?? You cross at me? Blaming ME now, Henrietta?”

“No, no, no! You silly sausage! Uhrr... oops, awful choice of words, but sort of serves you right.”

“Well-ll-ll... guess that makes it all sort of OK again... soul sisters that we are, after taking our first peep at the world from under the same feathers. Howzabout we snuggle up tight on that low branch, and you tell me all about it?”

“Ohh yes-s-s… the good old ‘trouble shared is a trouble halved’ kind of thing, hey Matty-lovey? I’ll just shake those angsties right out of my feathers…

The horrible part was that it was ALL so REAL. I mean, there I was—one minute strutting around the fowl-yard; next minute legs whipped from under me, and that’s all I knew, until…”

“Until? Until? Don’t stop now Matty!”

“Until… I found myself stark naked… TRULY!… sitting on Mrs. Fred’s kitchen bench, as inelegant as you’ve ever seen me. AND, I wasn’t alone!”

“Really?!? Uhrr, family maybe? Seems the kids all come home when it’s this Thanksgiving bizzo.”

“Well-ll, you won’t believe this Henny, but there was a naked duck and a naked hen right alongside me. Tell you what, it’s just as well we were all females. Aww but the embarrassment. And humanoids have the nerve to call us dressed when we know full well, we’re naked as the day we hatched.”

“But wh-a-a-t… why?”

“Took me a while, but then I ‘got’ it Henny. TURDUCKEN!”

“Turducken?? WHAT is THAT?”

“Wait for it! A stuffed duck pushed inside a somewhat stuffed chicken and both pushed inside a somewhat stuffed TURKEY! And THAT was going to be me!?!”

Eww Matilda! No wonder you woke up screaming! This was NO paltry matter, my dear!”
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