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by Shamus
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Erotica · #2239089
She was fed-up with her life and wanted a change!
It was while she was looking at herself in the mirror that she suddenly realized just how bored she was with her lifestyle.

Her model agency had just 'phoned her and told her that they were closing their books and unfortunately she was no longer needed. All because she had resisted approaches by the dyke of a proprietor for a sex romp in her backroom studio.

Her name was Angela and she was twenty five years old. In the mirror she could see that she still had an almost perfect figure. Her visit to the tanning salon had given her an overall bronze tan with no white bits showing. Her breasts were still pert with no drop or sag. Her hips were still trim with no over hang to her stomach. She had been concerned about her thighs and wondered whether she had overdone the cycling in her gym.

Her main concern was to make sure she could manage her finances now that she was effectively unemployed. No more spending on luxuries! Down to bare bones from now on! Thank goodness the rent for the apartment was paid up until the end of the year. Her wardrobe was full to bursting with good quality clothes. The food cupboards were fully stocked and as for drinks..........they say that water is good for you?

Socializing was out for the time being. The boy friend has disappeared some months previously after she had told him to stick his dick up his ass. Laughing to herself, she remembered how quickly his erect penis had subsided when she told him how she had learnt of his affair with one of her friends. Sex with him wasn't all that good anyway. Oh sure! He did have a fair sized cock, but he was one of the type that was 'the wham bang thank you Mam' all too brief and it was always over too quickly for her to enjoy a prolonged orgasm.

Pirouetting in front of the mirror she wondered how she was going to find another man who would have everything she wanted. Good teeth and a fetching smile together with a strong muscular body and lastly, a monster of a penis that would give her those splendid and long lasting orgasms. Not much to ask for was it?

A knock on her front door stopped her in her tracks and hastily she put on a robe and opened the door. Her dream boat had arrived! The man in front of her was tall dark and had a wide smile with white teeth!

"I'm sorry to bother you, but as a newly arrived neighbor I wonder if you could spare me a small amount of milk? It seems the landlord forgot to get some delivered."

Angela was entranced by his whole demeanor and clutching her robe tightly asked him in.

"My name is Angela and I've been in this apartment for some years now. What you might call an old hand! "

"I'm Richard and I've just taken tenancy of next door."

Angela was pleased at how she was responding to this hunk of a male who was now perched on her kitchen table and obviously trying to see what else she had on under the robe. She could see that he was well built and physically well proportioned. She dismissed from her wildly spinning mind as to what sized penis he would have. The bulge in his jeans was nothing to go by as many a man had used padding to trap a woman.

"I'm in the modelling business. What do you do for a living?"

"So am I , or rather was until today. My agency have closed their books and left me out!. What sort of modelling are you doing? "

"All sorts really. Nothing big time but I'm hoping every day will bring better tidings!"

Mystified. Angela wondered just what sort of modelling her new neighbor did. Nevertheless, she had accepted an invitation to dinner that evening and was looking forward to a change in her boring routine. As she was attracted to him she thought she ought to wear a flimsy dress and daring as it seemed she decided to forego any underwear. In front of the mirror she could see the dress was revealing, showing more than a hint of her breasts and just about covered the tops of her thighs. The material also allowed her nipples to show how proud and pointed they were. If this doesn't wow him nothing would!

Sparing with the make-up she arrived at his front door and rang the bell. He opened the door and ushered her in. She could see he was wearing a silky robe which covered most of his body.

"My God! Angela. You look good enough to eat! He exclaimed as he offered her a glass of wine.

"You don't look bad yourself Richard! I like your robe!"

"Thank you. It allows me to be naked underneath and I like the silk against my skin!"

Angela almost gave herself away with a suppressed gasp. Here she was naked all bar the flimsiest of dresses with a man who was also naked under a silken robe. She had to admit this man could cook. The meal was excellent and she knew that she had over indulged with several glasses of wine! When he stood alongside her to pour the wine, she could feel the excitement in her loins. The itching of want and desire was flooding through her. Was he gay? Did he have a full blown erection under that robe? She had no idea...........!

With numb lips she asked Richard what sort of modelling was he currently involved in? Mostly pornographic he said. Angela perked up at this! Did he just say 'pornographic'? Clearing the dishes she noticed his robe was decidedly sticking out at the front. Thank heavens! He wasn't gay! Richard went on to say that he was currently in the middle of filming a short of a man raping a woman. Laughing. he added that it was no fun having to keep himself fully aroused while the big breasted woman was being prepared for the rape scene.

Angela couldn't help herself imagining just how she would prepare herself for a rape scene with the superb hunk of a man sitting on the over stuffed sofa with his robe showing his magnificent thighs. Sitting opposite him on an upright chair she knew her dress had ridden up and allowing her upper thighs with a very wet vagina show itself. She knew he could see everything as his robe was now being lifted up into the shape of a rather large tent!

The time had come! He stood up and lifting his robe over his head revealed his tanned and muscular body and to Angela's amazement was a beautiful enormous penis with a massive head on it. Wide eyed and with open mouth Angela could only stare in total shock and was so moved as to lift her arms and grasp the shaft of this magnificent beast. He leaned forward and taking hold of her dress lifted it in one easy move over her head to reveal Angela completely naked!

Not a word was spoken as they were admiring each other's bodies. With a moan from Angela he began to caress her breasts and gently tweak her nipples. She in turn was moving the foreskin up and down his throbbing and blood filled monster of a cock. With one hand on his pert backside and the other working his cock she could feel herself filling with juices that would run down her thighs. His hands were now around her ass cheeks and his fingers were lingering against her mound. Every time they lightly touched the flesh of her now open vagina a shudder would envelop her.

He was busy kissing her neck and she in turn was biting his gorgeous shoulders. To her surprise he lifted her by placing both hands under her ass and managing to get her to place her legs around his waist, he lowered her down onto his giant of a penis. Angela gasped as he filled her completely, touching all her sensitive spots and with it, bringing a wonderful sense of fulfillment. As he moved her up and down his shaft, she knew it wouldn't be long before she would have the most magnificent of orgasms.

End of Chapter 1

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