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Samuel decided to give himself happiness for Christmas. 300 words
Samuel crept into Santa's Workshop. He smiled as he feasted his eyes upon tables loaded with Christmas gifts. "They are all mine," he whispered as he approached a table with thousands of toys for boys and girls. He was four feet tall, with a bulging tummy, a mop of indigo hair on top of his head, and eyes that glistened green when he smiled. His enormous hands did not shake when he picked up the toys and deposited them in his over-size bag. "I am sorry, boys and girls," he muttered to himself, "these toys are mine!"

It was then he remembered how miserable he felt when he realized Christmas was coming. He had no money, he lived by himself in a tiny one-bedroom box of a house at the edge of the forest, and he deserved to be happy, too, at Christmas. He knew Santa had lots and lots of gifts for boys and girls. He thought it was not just and fair that children would receive gifts, whereas he had nothing at all.

He noticed another table stacked with heaps of cookies. "My, my," he whispered, "these will make my Christmas this year the very best." Again, with his large hands he picked every single packet of edible, sweet-smelling gift, and placed them in his second over-size bag. He shook his head when it occurred to him that the cookies were meant for children. However, since he was in the workshop, he thought it was a shame to leave them. He deserved the cookies much more than the children.

All too soon, he heard bells ringing. Quietly, he tiptoed to the back door with his two large bags over his shoulders. He crept away to his automobile made of balloons.
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