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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Holiday · #2239236
A Whirlwind Romance. How Santa became an elf.
Editors Pick, 12/30/20 WdC Romance Newsletter. Write a story about Mr. and Mrs. Claus first meeting, going on a date, falling in love, or getting married. Written for "The Whatever Contest." *Right* "The Whatever Contest. Note: Read how Santa and I met "A Christmas Story- Part 1.

Word/Line Count 946: Prompt - A Date With Santa, falling in love.

“Where you surprised?” It couldn’t be helped.

I had to see the happy results in Kris Kringle’s eyes. When they opened to my kiss, he blurted, “You are real.”

“Of course, I am.”

His eyes were no longer weary. Days of idleness and night's of sleep helped nature do that trick. The workshop was less intimate with the scattering of handmade toys gone. “Wasn’t it fun and exciting? We work well together.”

“You came back. What for?” Kris Kingle swung his legs to the floor, reached up and settled another kiss where it belonged. “Thank you. I’ve made something for you in the time you’ve been gone. Where did you go?”

“Off to get permission. We have to, you know. Letting a human, no matter how blessed by God, see us is a matter of great concern to the rest of my elf band.” I flung my red ponytail, my silky hair is one of best features, and took him in hand. “It is settled. You and I get to have our first date.”

“I don’t have much to offer,” Kris Kringle looked around his empty workshop towards one item sitting in the window. “Except this.” It was a chain carved out of a single piece of wood,

“It is so light and the links so small. You have clever hands. Take one of mine and let’s go.”


“We are going to disappear together into the land of magic. I want to introduce you to my elves.”

When the front door opened, the village was gone. In its place was a swirl of blinding white snow. “To your new workshop. My people like who you are and what you are doing. We all want to help make it bigger and better. It will be a way of bringing our world’s together. Come. Don’t hesitate. Come see.”

“It’s so cold.” Kris Kringle found a thick red soft shirt and matching pants placed in his hands.

“We’ve thought of that. You are not like us. Put these over your clothes before you freeze.” A jingle of bells announced the presence of a sleigh brought by reindeer.

It slid to a stop. Black boots and a belt were provided while Kris Kringle gathered himself together. “Magic is a snow storm? Brrr.” He helped his new date into the sleigh and took the reins.

“Sit close. Thank you for my gift. How does it look on me?” The falling flakes sprinkled twinkles of light on the necklace matching those in the red head’s eyes.

“Magical.” Kris Kringle felt his heart rise not with romance but with a jerk. The sleigh left the ground flying up into the storm tossed sky.

“We’re invisible to those below, I’ll snuggle and keep you warm.”

Kris Kringle gave himself up to the moment. “It feels like the dream in which we met. I feel silly not knowing your name.” He wanted to focus on something as real as the feel of the woman next to him.

“Not yet. Kiss me. It warms us up.” They talked and talked, getting to know each other. In no time at all they arrived.

“This is such a frozen waste it could be the North Pole.” Kris Kringle stepped out looking the barren blinding whiteness over.

“It works then. No-one can see where we are.” The elf clapped her hands with glee. An ice cave opened up. The sound of song and busy hands making things echoed to their ears. “Your new workshop awaits, if you want it.”

Huge ice-cicles rang like bells announcing them into a vast open chamber. “I’ll take you on the grand tour. Here is where we are gathering next year’s list of good little girls and boys.”

A desk in the middle of the enterprise featured elves with quills writing whispered names. “Elves can be invisible and like marking down the good deeds they find. We are doing that job for you from all over the world.” Her hand squeezed his.

“This is too much to take in,” Kris Kringle said. “How do I fit in? There is no need for me here.”

“We are whispering your new nick name to be spread abroad. In place of Saint you will be known as Santa. It is written down in the first clause of your contract with us.”

“Santa Claus. I like it.” I was swept up in his arms.

“Now, tell me your name to make our first date complete.”

My deep green eyes met and winked at him. “Lean close. I’ll tell you my true name in a whisper, only to be revealed to you. I will be yours. Will you be mine? It will make our first date everlasting or at least feel that way.

“How could I not love what you’ve done, who you are. In no time at all I have found the one woman to make me want to give up being a bachelor after all these years.”

“Ho, ho, ho, Santa.” I leaned over to whisper my secret name into his ear.

Something strange was happening to Santa. He could feel it in his bones. It felt chilling, was the winter wonderland freezing him? His ice cold veins and nerves flashed warm. Was a fever upon him? Then, the magic happened.

Love transformed the bond between him and this beauty beside him. “You just became an elf with all the magic you need in yourself," I laughed.

Santa walked me towards a big red cushioned golden chair that looked over the vast toy workshop array.

“I hope one day all will call me Mrs. Claus, when a new clause will be added to the workshop contract.”

That is how our first whirlwind date went. Santa may have his own asides. The important thing is it led to our engagement, the story of which comes next. "A Christmas Story Part 3
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