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A miracle at the grocery store.
True Christmas Spirit Begins In A Queue

“Unbelievable!” he muttered under his breath. “That girl with the baby in front of me must be crazy!”

The elderly man watched in amazement as the young woman took out and put aside each item in her grocery cart. Only to replace some of them again seconds later in different combinations, a look of indecision obvious in her face.

This had been going on for at least twenty minutes.

He could hear the others lined up behind him, muttering irritably. He stepped forward slightly. The old gent peered near-sightedly into her cart.

“Not much there: diapers, toilet paper and baby food and not much of any of it. What’s the big deal?” he asked himself.

Just as he was about to say something, the woman turned to comfort her fussing baby. It was then he caught a glimpse of her face. Desperation was etched in her down-turned mouth and saddened eyes.

She held the single jar of baby food in one hand and the smallest packed of no diapers you could buy in the other. Weighing them like they were gold, she wrinkled her brow. Between the fingers of her left hand was crumpled and folded bill. The man couldn’t see the denomination exactly, but since it was purple it was almost certainly a ten.

“Not nearly enough for even those few meager groceries at today’s prices,” he told himself.

The stoop-shouldered man opened his own blue-veined hand. In the palm lay the twenty he usually spent on lottery tickets every week. Quickly, he moved forward further, letting the bill slip from his hand and fall near the front outside wheel of the young mother’s cart.

“Excuse me, Miss. I think you dropped this!”

He creakily bent down, picked up the folded bill and with a courtly bow placed into the damp hand of the toothlessly grinning baby.

“But mister…” the young woman began in protest.

The grey-haired man merely chucked the little one under her drool-washed chin and smiled at her. He walked away rapidly, whistling merrily. Stepping through the automatic doors, he walked a little further then paused to take a deep breath of the frosty winter air.

As he did so, his hair grew long and curly even as it whitened. He sprouted a full beard, brows and moustache of the same color. His cheeks, nose and lips grew rosy.

As for his belly, it expanded to a more comfortable size for his transformed clothes of red, white and black. He smiled broadly showing his dimples and making his faded blue denim eyes twinkle.

Clicking an automatic car door opener, he made the battered red truck he pointed it at, turn into an ornate sleigh with two reindeer hitched to it. Climbing in, he slapped the reins and immediately vanished in a streak of light.

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