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Chapter 10 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
The next day...

Bella woke up first again. She looked out to see that it is drizzling outside and the sky id covered by thin clouds. She went to the bathroom to shower and clean her feathers. For her mouth, she just uses mouthwash to clean it. She puts on some clothes and covered herself with the robe before going out of the room and looking around. Have I forgotten something?

Bella then goes down to see two empty glasses on the table. What am I doing??? How can I forget that girl? Bella thought while running back up. She was about to open Mima's room when she thought, Hmmmmm.... How can I wake her up this time? Ahh...

"She goes down to grab a handful of flour and went back up, silently opening the door and covering Mima's exposed face with flour. She gave herself a mental pat on the back before shouting, "Hey! Wake up, sleepyhead!"

"Ugghhh, I'm up! Huh, I was expecting you to wake me up roughly like last time," Mima said.

"Not in the mood. Come on, sis. You have school to attend to," Bella said, laughing inside.

"I know," Mima answered before going to the wardrobe to grab a decent change of clothes and going into the bathroom. Bella was there, just waiting outside for the inevitable. And then...

"AAAAAAAAHHHHH!! WHAT THE F***, SIS!" A scream sounded. Bella Burst out laughing like she never laughed before and rolled around on the ground.

"You're the little angel in my house, so I made you white!" Bella managed to say before laughing again.


"Really? How much do you know about ang-nevermind," Bella stopped herself from proving Mima's statement right.

"What's wrong? Cat's got your tongue? Do you even know what that means?" Mima sneered.

"No...," Bella muttered.

"It means when someone suddenly became silent when they are expected to speak," Mima explained.

"Hmm. OK," Bella said, satisfied by the amount of laughter she has and uncomfortable because of the cramps caused by it. She goes downstairs to prepare some breakfast, which is some homemade chicken cordon bleu she can quickly make in half an hour. She does enjoy cooking. When she goes looking around for the cheese to fill in, she stumbles over the tabasco sauce. Hmmm.... Ahhhh. My imagination is the best!

Half an hour later...

"Hey, sis! I smelling something yummy this morning!" Mima said.

"Well, I enjoy cooking, so why not? I cooked some chicken cordon bleu, dig in!"

"Thanks yo!" Mima said, cutting into her first piece out of the two on the plate. Meanwhile, Bella, while eating, was watching Mima eat the first piece and moving on to the other one. Mima noticed this and when Bella was called by the construction workers, looked at the direction where she was looking at, to see that there is a lump of red inside her second piece. After a whiff, she knows what it is, Tabasco??? How crazy can her pranks be? Oh well, time for payback. She then switches hers with Bella's second one. No one pays attention to the shape of their chicken anyways right?

Bella came back to sit down. She was keeping her eyes focused on Mima again, but before she notices anything different, Mima asked, "What happened?"

"Nothing serious, They just asked about which type of two wood colour would I like the shop to be built in on the outer layer. I want to make it look like a more medieval type of shop like those you see swordsmiths have on TV. Inside it will always be concrete though," Bella said and scooped up a cut of the chicken on her plate, the one with Tabasco in it. In any other time, Bella would've screeched like an avian, but with Mima there, she tried to make a more human one and half succeeded, resulting in a sound that can be called a scream, wheeze, choke, screech and gasp at the same time due to the vinegar and spice of the sauce.


"WHAT *cough* THE F*** *cough*, SIS *cough*!" Bella coughed out. Mima laughed harder than Bella did upstairs.

"OHH GOD, I don't think I can walk," Mima complained due to the cramps and pain caused by the laughter and overusing the abdominal muscles.

"That's your *cough* fault for laughing so *cough* hard."

Today, Mima walked to school by herself and nothing special really happened. She was actually 20 minutes early, so Mima got nothing to do. But Terry is also normally early and sat on the back corner of the classroom. Out of the 4, Mima is the only one sitting in the front row away from the others. She took the chance to talk to him. But he looked quite distressed.

"Hey, what's wrong? Why are you looking down?" Mima asked both metaphorically and literally. Terry didn't respond. "Helloooo?" Mima waved a hand in front of where Terry's face is supposed to be, but he still isn't responding. Mima looked from the side of his face to see that his eyes are closed. Is this what he does half of the time? Sleeping? Then, she suspected that he might be pretending and decided to test it. "Heyyyy, I got your strawberry cheesecake!"

No response. Not even a twitch from any muscle on his body. Huh, weird. Just then, Terry moved around unconsciously to find a better position, which is when the head is tilted to the side. And soon, drool came out of his mouth gradually. "EWWWW," Mima squealed silently. He looks so disgusting and ridiculous! I need Natasha's phone here now...

And just like fate, Natasha went into the classroom to see Mima and was about to shout a 'hello' when Mima stopped her with a finger to the mouth and a wave that says 'come here'. "What?" Natasha whispers. Mima pointed at Terry and made a photograph gesture. Mima's eyes it up like she just heard the best idea in the world. She took a few pictures and they took a look at one. They squealed, waking Terry up.

"Hey, guys! What's happening here?" Terry asked as he looked at them to see obvious expressions of suppressed laughter. Then he saw the phone and in a flash, it was in his hand.

"H-hey!" Natasha shouted before trying to snatch it back. By the time she got it back, Terry deleted three of the photos.

"There, I've deleted all three of the photos. Now deal with it."

Mima and Natasha turned back with a pout. But Natasha has a growing grin on her face. "Why are you smiling?" Mima asked.

"I got a fourth one," Natasha answered. There was a few seconds of silence before they checked it that picture is still there, and it was the best one. They squealed and laughed again before Terry ruined the moment, "Heh, crazy girls."

"Well, what have you been doing, having to sleep that deep?" Mima asked. "I was calling you, waving a hand in front of your face, and taunted you with saying I got your strawberry cheesecake and you didn't even twitch. That is some deep stuff."

"Studying," Terry tried to end it like that. But the two girls know him too much and knew that Terry doesn't normally give short answers.

"About?" Natasha asked.

"Bella," Terry sighed.

"Why?" Mima added.

"Don't you find it kinda weird? How a 16-year-old teenager suddenly appeared in town, is 7 feet tall, and wearing a robe all the time? Knows how to do business but never really had any deep social interactions? And then she just took you like it was nothing? Anybody else must've hesitated or struggled to take care of you, but not her. And I'm kinda curious to know what she looks like," Terry suspected.

"Ohohoho, I wouldn't try to expose her if I were you. On the first day, we went home with a taxi and Bella new the guy, who is named Daniel. They seem to know each other due to an unfriendly meeting. The guy got an eye bruised because Bella punched him in the face for trying to open her hoodie," Mima explained.

Natasha and Terry shivered at the thought of a punch from a fist that is half the area of their face.

"So, what have you found out about her?" Mima asked.

"Nothing much really. I stayed up an hour later than normal to try and get a lead on her profile, but I found nothing except for that she was living there for the first ten years of her life with a man named Adam Heyer. They both disappeared for six years and only Bella came back. So I think Adam is her father, and her long name is Bella Heyer. So I think she has the right to live and work here," Terry stated.

"Well, that's something I didn't know," Mima said. Then, the bell rang as all the students sat down and the English teacher coming in. A few minutes later, James opened the door and froze seeing all the students sitting and the teacher staring at him. He explained that he woke up late and missed the school bus so he had to get his parents to drive him here. The teacher gave him detention for later on at lunchtime but other than that, he went off the hook.

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