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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2239820
Chapter 11 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
At lunchtime, while the four were talking and walking to the cafeteria, a student 3 grades up approached them. Her name is Leila. She is the school's favourite due to her intelligence and initiative and her help in organizing the school events. That means she normally knows about an event or conflict before any other students do. She isn't the kind of student that is strict about reminding others about the rules. Leila is more like the cool-girl class topper. Sometimes, she gets special permits to do favours from the principal. In this case, she is only told to get Mima.

"Hey, kids. Enjoying yourselves?" Leila asked.

"Yeah we're fine, thank you," Natasha answered. Terry nodded. They all looked towards James to see him just staring at Leila. All the attention diverted to him made him snap out of his trance and turn red in embarrassment.

"Hahahah, I'm sorry, I'm taken," Leila responded politely. Everyone laughed even more as James became an even darker shade of pink. "So, I'm sorry to disturb y'all, but Principal Howard wants Mima in his office, yo. And right now. He told me it is something serious about your parents but and that's all he told me. Weird, normally he calls the parents to talk about something wrong with the students, but this time he did the opposite."

"Oh no... I think he found out about it," Natasha said in a worrying tone. "You need to keep him from waiting, go." Mima ran to the principal's office.

"You other three already know? Mind filling me in while Mima's in the principal's office? I'm kinda curious about this situation. Want some ice cream?" Leila asked.

"As loyal friends to Mima, I'm sorry to tell you that we can't do that. This is something extraordinarily serious and personal. And it is also something new. It was only 3 days ago this particular event the principal is calling her for. So no, we will not be telling you about it," Natasha firmly stated. James agreed.

"Awwh... two ice creams?" Leila squeezed in some bribes.

"Bribes wouldn't do anything. This is only for her to choose to tell alone. Not any of us. Unless you can offer me a lifetime supply of chocolate then I'll tell you everything," Terry half-joked.

"Well, I'm not Willy Wonka so I'll just leave you two. Bye!" Leila said as she walked away to buy some lunch.

"Bye!" The three said.

"Damn, I couldn't believe she could catch that reference so quickly," Terry praised.

"She's the coolest person in the school alright," Natasha agreed.

"Leila's the only thing here that makes the thought of going to school bearable..." James muttered in another trance.

"Ohh come on, James! Move on! She's taken! And how about us? Are we nothing to you?" Natasha said in frustration.

"Uhh-eheh, ignore what I said! I didn't mean it!" James said, breaking out of the second trance of the day. The other two laughed and they arrived at the canteen to buy some lunch.

Meanwhile, Mima ran until the hallway to the principal's office, where she walked quickly because there is somehow a ridiculous rule of not making too much noise in that specific hallways and too many students have forgotten and got warnings and sometimes personal detentions with the principal where he lectures you for an hour about the value of silence in a workplace. James was one of those culprits.

The principal is a former policeman and still have contact with his police friends. So of course he would be the first one to notice Mima's problem. As Mima walked past through to the door, the door suddenly opened revealing a face that says that he is a gentle but firm kind of guy. "Please, come in," Principal Howard said with a neutral tone. Mima came to the office hesitantly before sitting down on the chair in front of the work table.

The room was a decent 20-square-metre room with a pinboard, desk with a computer on top, two chairs, coffee machine and something he specially requested, a CCTV screen showing al of the CCTV cameras around the school. That's why there's almost no bullying inside the school, other than a few that caught students in a blind spot from the cameras. The thought of getting caught by a former policeman and get suspended just stops all physical fights between students.

There was silence as Mima and Principal Howard had a staring competition for half a minute before the principal spoke first, "Mima, I found from the local police department in the next town, the town you formerly lived in, reported and told me that your house has been burned down with the body of your mother in it. In this situation, I expect most kids like you to escape and call a relative or something, not stay in someone's home, lie about the situation to the school when buying school supplies and still be able to go to school like nothing happened."

"But sir, I don't memorize any phone numbers and my phone was also burned in the house. And you need to understand that the person I stayed with has no friends for 18 years. She is willing to take me in for life judging on what she already did to me," Mima pleaded.

"Bella is someone very mysterious in our society. She has never shown any skin to the community around us. I will always respect a woman's privacy. Although it is very hard to believe that an 18-year-old is 8 feet tall and lives and works by herself, none of it is our business. But as for you, young lady, the school is directly connected to. We have protocols for things like this. First, you need contact with your relatives. In the meantime, there is also a protocol of what to do with you..."

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