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Chapter 15 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
"Ok! Farm tour's over! We still got about two hours, don't we? Why don't we play some games or maybe watch some TV?" Bella suggested. Leila nodded in agreement as they have their fun in the house. By 8 pm, Leila gets picked up home and Mima comes walking back after playing with her own friends. Both had fun for the day and the next day they had school like normal.

1 week later...

More days have passed since the day the two girls have fun their own ways with their own friends. Mima's life could almost be said as 'back to normal'. Every day, Mima tells Bella a summary of school studies for her to catch up for some knowledge, although business studies is something she had naturally aced through her job and her father's teachings, so to save time, Mima only tells her those Bella might not know. Leila introduced another friend, John, to Bella and they had fun in Leila's neighbourhood as there are actually a lot of fun facilities there. Although they got quite a few stares due to Bella's anonymity and abnormally big stature.

Today was the day that Mima's aunt and uncle are supposed to arrive here. Bella woke up the time she always wake up from and Mima woke up from a new alarm clock to avoid any pranks Bella might do to her, including pouring honey on her face, switching the labels of the soap and shampoo and the classical bucket of water on the door. So she also wakes up earlier than needed to go to school. It was a Saturday, but Mima has to wake up by her own choice to stop getting pranked. It has so far been successful. The other positive effect of this is that Mima can also enjoy the sunrise.

Mima goes down to see that Bella hasn't gone down yet. So, as her help, she goes to the greenhouses to take care of the tomatoes and mints, which Bella has already educated her on with the needs and recommended schedules to take care of it. She normally takes care of them before getting ready for school each morning.

Meanwhile, Bella stretched her wings before putting on her attire as always. She goes down to see from the window that Mima has gone into the greenhouses and goes to clean up the places Mima's relatives might see, including the dining room, the living room, the kitchen, and the guest room just in case they haven't got real and fixed plans on where to stay. Half an hour later, Mima comes in with dirt all on her head.

"BIG SIS! WHAT IS THIS?!!" Mima shouted angrily coming in.

"Nothing much, I just put a bucket full of dirt on top of the door to the first greenhouse," Bella managed to say before going into a fit.

"This isn't funny! What if my relatives get the wrong idea when they see me like this?!" Mima growled. That seemed to shut Bella up.

"Ok, ok! I'm sorry! Just get yourself cleaned up. You didn't shower yet, right? So why does it matter?" Bella sneered. Mima pouted, knowing she couldn't win now and went upstairs to clean herself up. "Well, imma check on how she doing with my plants." She checks to see that they're doing as good as they used to be. And goes back to see Mima ready. "Now, we need to wait!"

Time ticks on, they have a snack. More ticks on, they start to get tired of waiting. Then more, as Bella have to shake Mima's sleep off. Then an hour after they were ready, they continued their last episode of Big Bang Theory. After an hour of watching, Mima finally snapped.

"Where are they?! I thought the principal said they're coming two hours ago!" Just then, Bella could feel the rumble of a car stopping in front of her house and she said, "They're here!"

"How would you know they're here?"

"Can't you feel the vibrations of the car?" Bella asked, forgetting that she had heightened predatorial senses. She opens the door to see the two adults inspecting the looks of the house and the construction site while walking to the front door. Not only until a few metres away did they take their eyes off the shop in progress and notice Bella. The man went wide-eyed and the woman's smile widened.

"Hello, Ms Felice and Mr Anderson Adler. Come in, come in," Bella invited them in as Felice walked in and Anderson kept glaring at Bella before going in. Bella led them to the dining room where Mima was waiting.

"Auntie Felice! Uncle Ander!" Mima exclaimed before dashing to them and tackle-hugging her uncle.

"Hey! How have my sugar-rushed girl doing?" Anderson happily returned the hug.

"Oh, how I was worried about you, Mima!" Felice said as she joined in the hug.

"I'm fine! Bella has been taking good care of me here!" Mima replied.

"Sweetheart, I'm truly sorry for your cruel fate. I don't know what to say, as it is also our loss too. And in a relatively short time," Felice tried to comfort Mima, only to remind her and made her eyes wet. Mima hugged her aunt this time as her aunt gave her some words of consolation. After a few minutes, they calmed down and managed to focus back onto the present.

"So this is the Bella we the principal talked about? You're quite an intimidating lady," Felice said, complimenting Bella's height.

Bella blushed, which no one could see, and said, "I really am not used to being called a lady yet, Ms Felice. I'm only 18."

"You're 18 and you're taking care of a farm that supplies the town with food and taking in our sugary sweet buns? I am very impressed. Although, why do you keep that hoodie on dear?" Felice asked. Bella has been anticipating this question.

"I don't look normal, ma'am. I don't want other people to know what I look like. I'm content like this."

"So what have you girls been doing for the past two weeks? There really isn't much to do around this area," Anderson finally contributed to the conversation.

"Only my friends, the principal, and a senior in my school named Leila knows about my situation. I've been going to school like normal each day and hanging out with my friends. Here I help Bella sometimes with gardening work and for fun, we normally play some video games, board games, or watch some television," Mima informed them.

"How did this Leila know of this event?" Felice asked.

"She recently made friends with Bella through an unsmooth start at school involving some eavesdropping, but in the end, they started talking to each other like best friends they never had."

"I trust her, especially with her reputation for helping the school on special events and being the principal's favourite. And how it all started is when Leila got told by Principal Howard to call Mima into the office and not tell her anything other than it was about Mima's parents. Her curiosity took over and I had to scold Leila for a minute when she eavesdropped on us at school. But she is a very cool person," Bella explained.

"I'm just curious, but what are you building in front of your house there?" Anderson asked.

"Ah, it will be done in a few months if everything goes as the weatherman says. It's a shop I intend to operate that involves me selling the goods I produce and maybe others' that want me to also. Not only will it relieve me of the stress of delivering and depending on others' business to get revenue, and it will also increase my revenue and make a facility of a shop for the people in the vicinity. Right now people from this area have to go to the town in a 20-minute drive to get almost anything at all. I saw the business opportunity and I took it so that they would be walking distance."

"A woman with a business mind and drive. I like that," Anderson commented. Mima shot Bella a look that says this conversation is going the right way.

"Where do you two live? All I heard from Mima is that you two lived next to the western coast of the US, but nothing in detail because she said she never had visited that side of the country," Bella asked.

Bella found out that Anderson and Felice both lives in Los Angeles and they had a healthy chat about city life. In exchange, Bella also talked about life in her area and how is it like to live a farmer's life. By the end of the talk, it was nearing lunchtime and Bella then remembered something.

"Oh, and by the way, where will you two stay for the night?" Bella asked.

"We're planning to book the motel half an hour from here," Anderson answered.

"That motel? Are you serious?! You're better off staying in a cave, from the rumours I heard!" Bella gasped out.

"What's wrong with it?" Felice suspiciously asked.

"I heard that sometimes the workers and cleaners aren't really there, so the rooms are ridiculously dirty. Not only that, in these times, it was also said that it is in the path of migrating swarms of locusts, so the motel would be totally covered by it!" Bella explained.

"So what do you suggest we do?" Anderson asked, starting to worry.

"Why don't you two stay here? This house has another guest room, after all," Bella asked. Felice's and Anderson's face contorted in shock.

"Dear, you don't need to do that!" Felice said.

"It is my obligation to, ma'am. I can't just leave you to your own devices in an unfamiliar place," Bella stated.

"Are you sure that you will be able to let us stay for a day or two?" Anderson asked.


"Well then, thanks to you, it's settled. Thank you very much for your hospitality," Felice thanked Bella.

"We appreciate it," Anderson added.

Bella looked to Mima to see that her face became more enthusiastic at the idea of having two relatives over. Bella inwardly chuckled seeing everyone happy in her home.

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