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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Action/Adventure · #2239897
Chapter 19 to 'Life of a Half-Roc Child'
There were two gasps as Bella looked them in the eye… but that was all. No screams, no threats, no calling the authorities, no running. Just them staring at her for a minute or two, locked in place. There was only a glint of fear on their faces, a glint. Of course, a glint is expected if you just got introduced to a new sentient being.

Felice kept looking up and down inspecting this foreign body. Bella is oviparous, meaning that she has no mammary glands and lays eggs for reproduction. Her private part was covered by feathers, and in this case, covered again by shorts. Bella was wearing a normal T-shirt and some shorts, which is her attire under the robe ninety percent of the time. The shirts have self-knit zips to let her wings through. Although those wings are not in the view of both adults. They were mesmerized by the predatorial avian head Bella has. After a minute of staring, Anderson snapped himself out of the trance.

“Are you an Alien?” He asked softly, remembering the promise to not let anyone else know, including Mima. And shouting could attract her to the room.

“Define your understanding of alien to me,” Bella said.

Felice paid attention to how Bella’s beak moves to speak, “How can you speak with that beak?”

“I don’t know, it’s natural for me. So what’s alien to you, Mr Anderson?” Bella answered.

“An alien is an extraterrestrial being or a being that does not come from earth. Are you an alien?” Anderson asked again.

“With that definition, I’m not an alien,” This earned a sigh from Anderson as he relaxed a bit. “Why is that such a significant point to you?”

“Nothing… Nothing at all,” Anderson quickly said.

Felice giggled before saying, “He used to have nightmares and still have delusional fears about aliens coming to invade earth. So he probably was making sure that you weren’t a spy or something.”

Bella giggled too, “Don’t worry, I’m not an alien.”

“So what are you exactly?” Felice asked.

“I’m half-human, half-roc, as in R-O-C and not R-O-C-K,” Bella clarified.

“What is a roc?” Anderson asked.

“Search it up,” Bella said. Felice opened her phone to search for anything about a being known as a ‘roc’ she eventually found ‘roc bird’.

“So you’re half-human and half mythological avian? Your hands don’t have feathers to fly though, can you fly?” Felice asked curiously.

“Yes I can, my wings are here,” Bella answered and spread out her wings, just remembering they were still tightly folded. This seems to put them into another trance as the majestic wings with a span of 14 feet, 6 inches spread out, reflecting the light in a shade of brown. After two minutes, Bella became worried about their frozen faces and asked, “Is something wrong?”

This time Felice was the first one to snap out of the trance, “Uhh… Nothing. It’s just your wings are… truly beautiful…”

Bella giggled, “Flatterer.” Bella noticed her hand about to move to it before pulling back again and looking at Bella and struggling to ask something. Bella realized what it was and stretched her left wing to Felice as Anderson flinched at this action, “Yes, you can touch it.”

Felice beamed and felt the feathers, “They’re so soft… and well taken care of.” Anderson just stayed, not knowing what to do.

Bella giggled and joked, “Yeah, I don’t spend half an hour in the bathroom doing nothing.” Bella then plucked a feather off and flinched a bit. It’s like feeling one of your hair being pulled off but twice as bad. But, having more than two thousand feathers in each wing, it wouldn’t affect her flying. She then hands it over to Felice, “Take it.”

She took one of the primary feathers, which is located in the outer wing and is the longest of them all. The shiny brown feather was a whopping 4 feet long!

“Honey, you didn’t need to do that!” Felice pouted, back to what she was like 10 minutes ago.

“It’s too late saying no. I already took it and I’m not just going to throw it away or glue it back.” Bella insisted.

Felice hesitated before gripping the huge feather, which Bella let go. Bella beamed at Felice, which she soon reciprocated. “So I’m guessing it’s your father who’s human?” Felice said. Bella nodded.

“Is this magic? How did this happen?? How can you mix a mammal with a bird?? It’s not naturally possible!” Anderson suddenly blurted out. He froze for a second, not meaning to say it out loud, and his face darkened to a shade of pink.

“Don’t know, don’t ask. They told me nothing of that event,” Bella stated.

“Now, tell me your whole story, from the start. The truth,” Felice insisted.

Bella sighed, “I was raised by my father in this same house for the first 10 years of my life. It was a busy lifestyle, having to strictly learn the subjects you normally get at school and how to take care of a farm. He talked about my mother with mixed feelings, like he’s not sure about something. One day, my mother came at night to the house to take me, killing my father in the process. My mother explained how they were in love, but the day I was laid as an egg, he took me here, and she felt betrayed. Since then, her hatred for humanity has risen. I was raised by her for 6 years. Many times I tried to prove to her that humans aren’t what she thinks they’re like and she’s still having the mentality of the medieval times. One day, she snapped and kicked me out of her cave. I had to make a living here for the last two years. For the first year, I mostly hunted for food to save money as I can take both a human or roc diet, which means I can eat raw meat and hunt deer. I never showed myself to anyone other than you two. And that’s about it.” Bella sighed again.

“So, are you trying to warm up to the people with your business and shop?” Felice asked. Bella nodded.

Anderson gave a nervous look and suddenly asked, “What do you want with our niece?” in a raspy tone.

“Calm down! What’s wrong?” Felice blurted out.

“Don’t worry Ms Felice, I understand Mr Anderson’s concern and suspicion that I might do something rash because I’m a different species. But let me warn you, are you ready for the truth?” Bella warned.

“Yes, we are ready whenever you are,” Felice spoke for both Anderson and herself.

It took Bella a few seconds to gather her wits, “It’s my guilt about something my mother did. Even though I couldn’t do anything that time, I can’t help but feel guilty because it’s something I never wanted to witness in my life.”

“What did your mother do that connects to us?” Felice asked.

“What happened to Mima’s father, your brother?” Bella started.

“He disappeared in the forest with his friend being drunk saying there is a giant bird that took him,” Anderson stated.

“What is my mother?” Bella finalized the connection.

“Your mother is a giant… mythical… bird…” Felice trailed off, realizing what the connection leads to. “So his friend’s shouting isn’t a hallucination?!” Felice shouted quietly. Bella shook her head. This predicament got the two in another trance as they stared at Bella again. In hope to disprove the truth, Felice asked, “How would you know if your mother has killed him or not?”

Bella started, “I really don’t wanna talk about it. Though I don’t have the choice to not give the truth, as this is something about your relative…” She then starts telling them the details of the event and what each said. And also how similar Mima’s father is to Mima, how he got killed, and how this event is a nightmare she has half of the nights. By the end of the story, Bella’s face has a trail of tears.

I don’t know if I can trust her with my niece. She just told me that her mother killed my brother, what if she also does the same to Mima? Anderson thought. But Felice has a more understanding and objective view of the situation.

This poor soul has been through much at a young age and instead of her mother bearing the guilt, it was Bella who was carrying it, even though she was the one trying to stop her mother’s actions. She is probably more innocent than both of us combined. Felice thought. She looked up at Bella’s face again, seeing true loneliness and regret in her eyes.

Bella looked away, afraid that Felice and Anderson would be disgusted by her and report her or something. What she didn’t expect is a hug from Felice as she gripped around her hips. She was confused on why Felice would do that but soon followed anyways. She enveloped her wings around Felice, covering almost all her body with feathers and sobbed to the memory of that past.

Anderson was conflicted. On one side, he thinks that Bella is a dangerous creature that should be reported to the authorities, but there is another growing side as he watched them hug, As dangerous as she can potentially be, Bella is truly sad about the death of my brother. If I was in her position, I wouldn’t take it any better. God, I would already kill the man! She risked her life for my brother when she refused to kill him. I can’t ignore that fact. “Bella, you are a good soul. Never change that about yourself. The death of my brother is not your fault, no matter how many times you blame yourself.”

Bella switched her view to Anderson when he said that. Anderson thought by the stare that he said something wrong. When suddenly one of the wings pushed him into the hug. Anderson was about to panic and complain, but the soft feathers soothed him, making him stay.

“Is everything alright up there?!” A shout sounded from the door, which was Mima’s voice. Bella let go of the two adults, “Thank you guys for understanding. WE’RE OK!” Bella shouted back through the door.

“We weren’t in your situation, and I can imagine how bad you must feel. It is an obligation for us to make you feel better,” Felice said. Bella beamed as she put on her disguise back and opened the door to see that Mima seems to be downstairs.

“You guys are still staying here, right?” Bella asked.

“Yeah, we are. Don’t worry,” Anderson answered. Bella is in a good mood as the first two people she showed herself to had a good impact.

“What took you guys long? Got me bored here,” Mima asked when they arrived downstairs and pausing her Minecraft world.

“Yeah, me, your uncle and aunt were having a talk like you did before lunch before,” Bella said before realizing the slip of the tongue she gave her.

“How’d you know we talked?” Mima asked, suspicious.

Bella thought up of a reason and said, “They told me,” while pointing towards Felice and Anderson.

Anderson was about to disprove that statement before Felice elbowed him on the side of his hand and whispered, “When you have the blood of a bird of prey in you, better assume that she has predatorial senses.” Anderson gave a nod that indicates he understood.

Mima noticed the whisper, “Seriously, what happened? You three are acting weird!”, Mima said.

“Nothing!” Bella and Mima’s relatives shouted in unison, earning a pout from Mima.
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