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Judge not lest ye be gay.

Laurence: "Mum, Dad come into the living room
          for a moment. I have something to say.
Mum: "What is it darling.I have to get dinner ready."
Dad: "For Christ's sake what now."
Laurence: "Can you both just sit down for a moment
this is hard enough to do as it is.It will be
impossible if you have an attitude.
Mum: "Alright darling.Alright we are here.Listening.
Dad: "I'm not listening.You've got 5 minutes and I'm
going in to have dinner.Now get on with it."
Laurence: "Okay Okay don't rush me.
Dad:           "You're failing school.I knew it.I spent a
fortune to send you to the best school and
this is how you repay me. With failure.
I always thought you were a loser.But
this is the limit.Well you can get a job in
in the can factory.It will do you good."
Laurence: "What? No I'm not failing school.I'm in the
top 5% of my class."
Mum: "Okay darling.Get on with it. We are listening.
Laurence: "Mum you know when I was little.I used to
fuss about my hair and how I looked."
Mum: "Of course darling.Nothing at all wrong with that.
Dad: "Can someone please get to the point.I'm hungry."
Laurence: "And Dad you know how i always got sick when
you wanted me to go fishing or camping."
Dad: " Yes I did think that was odd. But your loss"
Laurence: "Well the truth is I like boys.There I said it"
Mom: "Said what? So you like boys.You do have some
wonderful friends.So what.I mean Patrick is a
lovely boy.Always neat and tidy.Such nice hair."

Laurence: "No you don't understand I like boys.I want
to go to the dance with a boy.You know Simon.
We love each other."
Dad: "What are you saying.Are you Gay?"
Laurence: "Yes I guess that word will do.Yes I'm gay.
Dad: " You bloody little Poofter Gay Faggat.
I should cut your throat with a blunt razor.
I can't look at you.That is it.
I want you out of tis house.You've got
10 minutes to pack and leave,
Get the hell out of my sight.
Mum: "Maybe the doctors can give you something for it."
Laurence: "No mum there's nothing g they can do."
Dad: "Get the hell out of my sight."

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