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A 1st Draft poem about Faith and the Universe
Astonomical Tides

As each of us grasp at our towering love
and oversee them we bid peerage for all things
under the Sun, we bide Time's twists and fates,
those past tense and places longed for have gone ...
but still, where might have our treasures be?
Were you holding hands, seeking Society's gaze?
Or were your eyes lowered, envisioning their dismay?
Is it clearly in daylight you'll surmise where it
has been mentioned that all is vain? Some say
there is no God but do you feel perhaps the common
tides of plurality? For I have known Great Nature's
ways with her Nature reaching far and wide -
Is it safe to remain here, with what we know
and with faith in no other abide? You see now that
I have Faith ... or is it that Faith has me?
Yin and Yang go round 'n round - like colliding
spiral galaxies - the ocean vast, so great that be.
In truth - if not askance - I seek a further dawn,
for a masked seraph watches over the Universe's
frozen keep wearing a perpetual, frozen frown.
Faith reminds me of such vastness great,
where those that never loved another nor their
own spiritual penury shall never again know
such kind warmth, being laid to rest within
the shallowest tides inside the vast, grasping
astronomical seas ...
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