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A scientist at UCLA discovers that a Coronavirus patient can be treated with Codeine.
Dr. Curt Connors had built a reputable career as a prolific man of science and medicine at UCLA (University of California - Los Angeles). He'd published much on the connections between psychosomatic responses following trauma and pain and muscle relaxation medicines and exercises. However, Connors was now working on a strange but exciting new experimental body fitness biochemical substance designed to afford a human being extraordinary senses of agility and adaptation. Connors decided to ingest a huge dosage of this concocted potion or serum and horrifyingly witnessed his own body mutate into that's of a humanoid giant lizard.

CONNORS: "I won't let this crippling mutation define my destiny, because ultimately, I'm some kind of man and definitely not some kind of lizard!"

Connors fled from civilization and his plush research office at prestigious UCLA during the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020. He built himself an underground shed beneath a large ditch in the forests of Northern California, now keeping contact with his UCLA peers and brethren only through wireless email communications sent from his underground pseudo-lab in that forest in Northern California. Connors wanted to see if his experimental body agility mutation serum would offer any insights into the quality and nature of the COVID-19 agent that had created the global Coronavirus pandemic.

CONNORS: "If I'm to remain a semi-lizard, then I want my experience to create something clinically positive for this modern pandemic and quarantine tribulation!"

Connors began calling himself the Lizard officially while living and eating and studying in his constructed hidden underground lab in the forest of Northern California. He began corresponding with his UCLA peers and brethren using photos of Godzilla and other reptilian or lizard-like movie monsters to offer some lighthearted imagination about links between evolution and virus survival. Connors discovered to his amazement during his self-imposed exile that the COVID-19 agent responsible for the Coronavirus tribulation would be isolated biochemically and hence controlled with precise treatments with pain relieving Codeine medicines, offering humanity a miraculous way out of this hellfire of neo-modern deformity.

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