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Before Rudolph, was a Reindeer called Riley
It's a story untold,
That before Rudolphs nose,
Was a Reindeer Called Riley.

Now Reindeer are special,
And Riley was essential,
For delivering toys to the less fortunate girls and boys.

Riley was exceptional,
Although slightly nondirectional,
For he'd always take Santa where he was needed the most,
Rather than where Santa wanted him to go!

Riley would take Santa to the children most in need,
Rather than those who would take out of greed,
And the children would recognise Rileys distinctive golden glow,
And Santas sleigh bells as they jingled in the snow.

Now it's never okay to hurt a reindeer,
And to Santas specially trained ear,
He heard all the naughty children plotting,
Plotting against a Reindeer Called Riley.

You see, the spoiled children didn't like Riley,
For exactly why, I do not know,
but it's often believed that the children were jealous,
Jealous of the children who had no home, and had to make one in the snow.

On a particularly cold Christmas Eve,
Santa wiped some snow off of his sleeve,
And Riley looked at him with a sadness.

When Santa enquired, Riley retired,
He couldn't stand the thought of children hating him,
And refused to fly with Santa again.

Now the rest of the story you already know,
The story of Rudolph and his bright red glowing nose,
But never forget the Reindeer who started it all,
The reindeer who took presents to those who needed them the most.

And if you look up at the sky,
You might get very lucky and see Riley still fly,
For he brings gifts to the children less fortunate on the eve of Christmas Eve.

And if you ever see a golden glow swoosh across the sky,
And the calendar dates the 23rd of December,
Well you now know who it is,
And can say his name with pride,
A Reindeer Called Riley
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