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by Norman
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You have to see the bright side
You need a sense of humor
to get you through the day.
You don’t need lots of money,
no matter what they say.

No, you don’t have to go nuts
and always wear a smile.
But maybe you could ease up
and smile once in a while.

Now don’t go Disney on me.
That’s not what it’s about.
But just stay level headed
when others start to shout.

So step back for a moment
and take a look around.
Right underneath that mess-up
some humor may be found.

You have to see the bright side
when things are out of whack.
Some people do it simply.
It takes a certain knack.

But there are many others
who always see the worst.
Instead of laughing at things,
they’ll more than likely curse.

Without a sense of humor
the world can drag you down.
You’ll see the bad in all things;
You’ll always wear a frown.

So keep your sense of humor.
It’s worth its weight in gold.
It’s all you need to get by.
At least that’s what I’m told.

So please forgive my blunders
and all my big mistakes.
A little sense of humor
sometimes is all it takes.

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