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How to create your own reailty
That's not lite.
Let me weigh in,
Further to see.
If its darkest before the dawn,
You cant be a fool.
You have the mirror,
Broken to lift up your chin.
I will debunk any thought,
But no thought comes with out debunking the sin.
The power of words,
Were bestowed on upon us.
You use them to create,
How you feel in reailty.
How does it feel,
If I say I have damed myself to hell.
When heaven on earth,
Isnt burned by blessed be.
The time that dosent exsist,
Is what taught one to count.
And once upon a time,
I learned the word poppy on sesame street.
But for the yin and the yang,
To be the 6 pointed star of david.
I knew my intution,
No longer confused me.
I have seen sleeping beauty,
But I never saw there was a beast.
How has every last word,
Developed a feeling in you.
Bohdisattva, Carpe diem, and
361 if it takes a thousand times.
Infj out,
This one is for you.
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