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Daily Flash Fiction 12/24/20 W/C 163
Strong Stuff

“How’s that coffee coming?”

I can’t see a thing. My one eye is still stuck together. It’s one of those mornings.

“Ummm. Let’s just say this won’t be the best part of your waking up this morning. This will hit you like a brick.”

I poured some sludge out of the pot. I think you could probably just mold this with your hands, no cup needed.

John took a drink. He scrunched up his face, then looked at me.

“What is this?”


I sat down, my face in my hands. It had been a rough night. Fighting demons takes a lot out of you.

“Says you.” John’s coffee cup ended up in the sink. He left the house in a huff. Some mumbling about that new Starbucks on the corner that might be open.

I shouted after him. “Love you too!”

I poured a cup. It was strong coffee alright. Strong enough to wake the dead. Just what I needed this morning.

W/C 163

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