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A True Story - 296 Word Flash Fiction
Ladies and gentlemen, a true story.

As I lay in bed on Christmas eve, sick, sad, and missing my father who had passed a few months ago, I reach for the phone to call my mother. I knew they’d been divorced before his passing, but some semblance of comfort was better then none at all. I simply could not take it anymore.

As she answered, so chipper and happy and I could not help but sob into my phone. “Mom, I’m so sad, I just had to call and tell you how much I love you.”

“What’s wrong, baby?” She replied with concern. Only a mother’s love could really penetrate the barriers of the phone. The cadence of the voice felt like arms around my shivering body. There was nothing more loving or more comforting than that.

I could not contain a single sob as I spoke, “I got sick, and I thought I might be pregnant.” I wiped my reddening nose. “I’m not, and all I want for Christmas is Dad! Why did he have to go so soon?”

My mother consoled me. She hugged me with her words because she could not hug me in real life, not this year because Covid still ran rampant through society, making the weak sicker and the strong madder. Her words helped so much that I drifted to sleep. Upon waking Christmas morning, I woke to a wintery wonderland in the south. After using the restroom, and my last pregnancy test just to be sure. I stepped outside onto my white snow globe like porch. “Hi Dad.” I said smiling at the snow, knowing he sent it just for me and completely obviously that inside on the counter, a second line was forming, for a second Christmas miracle.
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