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by Casey
Rated: E · Poetry · Comedy · #2240445
If at first you do not succeed. Do it again.
Write a story or poem about a person who gets caught regifting something they shouldn't be regifting.

The Christmas Gift  (E)
If at first you do not succeed. Do it again.
#2240445 by Casey
total lines:18

"The Christmas Gift"

Christmas comes again, God Bless!
and Grandma, wraps each gift expectantly.
My grandma is the frugal one. She's best:
practicality most probably her test.

Her gift to me last year "The History
of German Zeppelin, the Hindenburg"
A 1938 print not quite 'new'.
Few grimy pages from an old book store.

I left it, unwrapped, on her screen-back porch.
She picks it up , again, and wipes it clean.
She picks it up ; proves dusting does the trick.
(I left behind, her gift of love to me.)

But not to worry, Grandma tries again.
With practicality, she wraps once more.
"A gift for Colin. Oh, for him, surprise!
A Zeppelin , the perfect book for sure!"

This Hindenburg is no disaster whence
I give my Grandma hugs for common sense!

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