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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2240615
Twins Mel and Maddie practice.
Trust Issues

She couldn’t believe what he wanted her to do!

“Absolutely not, no way, no how!” she told him.

“Don’t you trust me?” Melvin asked.

“Not as far as I can throw you!” she replied, eying up his plump pre-teen figure.

“But you’re my twin sister! The fact that you don’t trust me hurts me to the quick!”

When he gave her the sad puppy dog eyes, she resisted. Then he began wheedling.

“If you’re my lovely assistant, all eyes will be on you most of the time.”

Maddie considered that.

“Will you talk Mom into a costume? If you do that, I’ll take a chance.”

“I’ll try.”

“You do it or no dice!”

“What’s going on here?” said their mom from the doorway.

“Mel wants me to be his lovely assistant when he does his next show,” Maddie said.

“You’ll need a slinky dress. I’m on it!” Mom said.

“What’s your big trick for this gig?”

“Disappearing cabinet.”

“Can we rehearse before I sign on for the job?”

Mel nodded.

Getting into the cabinet was a piece of cake, but it was so dark in there and the penlight her brother had given her flickered out within fifteen seconds. Maddie tried and tried to find the small lever that opened the back of the cabinet, but she couldn’t in the dark. She waited. Silence outside the box.

“I’ll bet he forgot I was in here and is eating lunch right this minute!”

Maddie’s stomach growled noisily. With a mighty kick of her saddle shoe, she kicked in the door and rushed out. Calmly she went to the kitchen and sat down for lunch.

“What was that splintering noise?” Mel asked, his mouth full.

“Let’s just say there won’t be a disappearing cabinet in your act for a while,”

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