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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Detective · #2240763
Peter is a detective but her wife is fed up with his crimes.
KHBEY Peter's crimes

"Peter what are searching for on the ground?" Lily says and frowning eyebrows are seen on her face.
"Lily this is a crime scene," he replies looking straight forward to his wife's eyes.
"Look Peter, you see crimes everywhere. We have never appreciated our trips;" she replies and her blue eyes look like a troubled ocean.

"Lily, if you mean our first trip during our honeymoon; my perspicacity let me discover the lady Rosa murderer who was in the same hotel".
"OK! Peter, please don't remind me. Let's contemplate nature, the forest, the trees and the plantations".
"Honey, I am sorry to bother you. I will no more talk about crimes", Peter replies putting his arms around her shoulders.

"Look Peter, these are a horse's paths carved on the ground. Let's follow them like we used to do when we were fianc├ęs. I love horses".
"Yes, haven't you noticed this golden thrown broken thin neckless too? It is a crime track; I smell it"; Peter adds.

"See Peter, I would like to return home. I am fed up with your crimes".
"Honey, I am sorry. It seems that crimes follow me instead. Let's follow the horse's paths. It's just my impression", he replies.
"OK! It is the last one. I do no more want to hear about crimes during our holidays and rest", she says.

"Peter, there is a big crowd over there near the wonderful black horse", Lily says.
"Let's see dear", Peter replies.
"Detective Peter, how are you? A crime has just happened in this wide amazing forest and I would like you to investigate it. A blond lady is lying close to the horse murdered", Inspector George says.

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