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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Experience · #2240905
With each new day, there is a sunrise and possibility of change. Like opening a new book.
Turn the Page, A Clean Slate

Battered suitcase of memories,
Is all that’s left of what once was me.
I walk away, close each door.
This new world awaits, where I am free.

A tender rose, he teased open by prose.
Touched my virginal heart, words to please.
A frightened doe, sheltered by nature’s clothes,
Layer by layer, he unwrapped each piece.

Sweet with promises, a handsome prince.
Childhood books, I believed, fairy tales come true.
My future was mapped out, but you offer romance.
Red roses, sweet words, fancy mirror to pass through.

A bird in a hurricane, you carried this Juliet away.
Love is blind, a child can be bought by fake jewels.
Buried in a land of innocence, my trust lead astray.
A majestic ocean home is a new fortress of cruel.

Knowledge is the key for weak women like me.
Raised to believe men will care for everything.
Like a caveman from times past, I was a guarantee.
A soft presence, sex toy, hostess, mother of offspring.

I wanted to please, a child I did give.
A strong son, a lovely boy with golden curls.
He became very ill, I was told his life I deprived.
Why would I hurt the best part of my world?

An avalanche of tears I cried when my son died.
That grief sick monster came for his revenge at night.
An empty shell, I am pain personified inside.
Bruised outside, a soul in flight, no hope or appetite.

Several years go by, he tires of this punching bag.
I begin to care again, begin to use technology.
With no trophy wife, he has moved on to new games.
I want to find this other world without misogyny.

My once gilded cage had become a horrid cell.
I had a key, why did I stay? I didn't love me.
A smile on my face, a cab awaits with no pumpkin shell.
This bird will fly away, strong wings that sail free.

By Kathie Stehr
Jan 1, 2021
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