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Two clans of humans opt for differing paths, with one migrating towards vampirism.
Eric and Mordred were leaders of two rival groups or clans on Earth following the great apocalypse in the early 21st Century involving nuclear holocaust and a terrible engulfing flesh eating virus. The leaders claimed the Apocalypse came as a punishment for the crimes against the natural environment and the development of both radioactive weapons and radioactive waste. Eric was the leader of the democratic minority group called the Citadel, while the more aggressive Mordred was the shaman of the radical majority group of Apocalypse human survivors called the Firestarters.

ERIC: The Earth must be governed with thoughts about hydration.
MORDRED: Nonsense; it's the passion of bloodlust that rules the heart.

The Citadel led by Eric followed the methods of Christian peace and temperance and trained its official small group of defenders to use Biblical text to defend the group from the advance of prying eyes and hungry mouths. The Firestarters led by Mordred followed loose canons to create umbrellas of ultra-liberal living and more passionate furies and therefore engaged more liberal ideas about aggressive enduring ambitions. Eric believed the human survivors should consider the merits of temperance after the shocking catharsis of the Apocalypse, but Mordred insisted on espousing the stimulating desires of the endless vitality of hemoglobin.

ERIC: We must be priests of democracy.
MORDRED: The challenge is to become vampires.

You heard the truth, my friends. Mordred and the more aggressive Firestarters chose the darker path leading to the fires of passion and blood and began championing the Occult beliefs in old world vampirism and claimed old world relics and gods like Nosferatu and Dracula exemplified the eternal wisdom of vitality and stealth. Eric and the Citadel continue to profess their belief in the defensive power of the spiritual spoken word as a metaphysical defense against the encroachments made by vain demons and warlords who refused to be humbled by the drowning Apocalypse. This was a rather dramatic and deep dualism on the evolved Earth.

ERIC: Priests can coexist with vampires through walls and mirrors.
MORDRED: Earth will always be host to legions of doctors.

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