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by Linz
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2240996
An archeologist has an encounter with an ancient deity.
The ocean was ablaze with the light of the dying sun as it descended into the Underworld. Rachel smiled to herself. After three months, the beliefs of the Ancients were mingling with her own. She took a sip of water, wiped sweat from her brow and went back to digging, just as a star appeared in the sky.

An hour later, the team leader called down to her. "Rachel? Time to go."
Rachel didn't answer.
"Jessie," he tilted his head to the left, indicating the crypt in which Rachel was working. "Go get her, will you?"
"Why me?"
"Because I said so! That's why!"
Jessie mumbled something under her breath, as she gathered her blond hair into a pony tail, grabbed an oil lamp and crawled into the tomb.
"Rach? Boss says-" She left the sentence unfinished. There was something odd about her team mate. "Rachel?"
"Your friend is not here!" Rachel boomed. Her words were slow and deliberate.
"What are you talking about?"
"I am Anubis!"
Jessie blinked. "What was in that water? Come on! It's time to go."
In reply, Rachel lifted her hand. Jessie tried to speak, but couldn't. Her hands flew to her mouth. Her lips were gone, the skin where they'd been smooth and unbroken.
"You must leave!" Anubis commanded.
Wide-eyed, Jessie nodded frantically and was about to turn around when Anubis' attention shifted to something over her left shoulder.

"What is this? A Mother's bloody meeting? Come on, you two! Mo-"
Anubis clicked his fingers and the Boss dropped to the ground, neck broken.
The terrified archeologist turned and crawled as fast as she could towards the tomb's entrance. As she emerged, she scrambled to her feet and half-ran, half-stumbled into the night, away from the City of the Dead.
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