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by Turtle
Rated: E · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2241280
Ludwig knows that Roy is hiding something. And he intends to find out what it is.

Ludwig: 17

Roy: 15

Iggy: 13


It was a quiet afternoon in the
Mushroom Kingdom.
Ludwig was in his room,
lying on his bed.
He was was just beginning to drift
off to sleep when there was an almighty "boom!"
from the room next door.
He jumped to his feet and threw open Iggy's door.
His brother stood in the middle of the floor,
a solitary island in a sea of carpet,
whilst his belongs hugged the walls.
"Iggy! What the . . .
What in Mushroom Kingdom are you doing?!"
he exclaimed.
Iggy shrugged. "Trying to clean my room,"
he replied.
Ludwig sighed and shook his head,
abandoning the hope of an afternoon nap.
"Might as well go for a snack,"
he muttered to himself.
On his way to the kitchen,
he bumped into the one Koopa
he'd least expect to see today.
"Hey, what the hell, Ludwig!?"
Ludwig sighed as he shook himself
off. "Sorry, Roy."
"Watch where ya goin, man!"
"I said I was sorry! What more
do you want from me, Roy?"
"For you to get out of my
way!" Roy started for the gym,
but was bumped again by Iggy.
"What the hell! What is with
everyone bumping into me today!?"
"Sorry, Roy. I was looking for Ludwig."
Roy sighed. "I don't care anymore, just
get the hell out of my way."
Roy set his hand on Iggy's stomach
and pushed him, accidentally
sliding his fingers on Iggy's stomach.
"Hehehe. Roy, that tickles!"
"Not my problem."
Roy started to walk away, but was
tackled by Iggy.
"What the hell, Iggy!?" Roy exclaimed.
"Say you're sorry for accidentally
tickling me." Iggy said in a
serious voice.
"Like hell I will!"
The two started wrestling.
Roy, the older and stronger brother,
soon won and tackled Iggy to the ground.
Iggy tried pushing Roy
off of him, but he accidentally
brushed his fingers on his stomach.
Roy laughed and shot straight up.
He didn't wait around to look at their
faces. He just walked away like
nothing happened.
Both Ludwig and Iggy were in shock.
They didn't know what to say.
"What just happened?" Iggy asked.
"A slow, mischievous grin formed on
Ludwig's face. "I think Roy might be ticklish,"
he replied. "Ok. If that's the case, them why did he act like nothing happened?" "He's too embarrassed about it. But, I bet we can change that." "I'm sorry. We?" "Yes. We can really take advantage of this." "I don't know, man." "Come on, stop being a wuss." "Ugh. Fine. I'm in."

Roy was taking a nap on a bench.
Since he tore up another punching
bag, he was taking a break.
In his mind, he was
processing what happened

Ludwig and Iggy were
sneaking towards the gym
"Are you sure this is a good
idea, Ludwig? You know
he'll kill us for trying this,
"Oh, brother.
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