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A set of rules for posting and some conduct stuff, kinda boring, I know, but necessary.
A couple of rules, which may be updated. These are mostly common sense, but I find it easier to have a hard copy on hand so it's easier to deal with any mishaps. Please bear with me.


1) Keep discussions 13+. I can't stress this enough. The idea is to create a safe and fun environment for everyone.
2) Any bashing of any person or persons will not be tolerated in any way and may result in part-time or permanent expulsion from the group. This is really common sense, and it's one of the 3 or 4 things that can get you kicked out. Please be kind.
3) No profanity will be tolerated, while it won't lead to expulsion the first couple of times, prolonged use and disregard will.
4) Self-Advertisement is allowed, but please only about one or two portfolio items a week.
5) Off-Site Links can be tolerated as long as there are no problems with anyone posting links that aren't appropriate. If that occurs, the user will be immediately banned from the group and I'll have to discourage the use of links.
6) To quote from the group page
,"The only thing we ask is that you invite people via review, (so just whenever you submit a review, just put a quick link to here, and maybe a little message to explain, nothing major) so that we can grow.". This does not mean you have to review anything for the sole purpose of advertising our group, but just that you advertise when you do. It'll help our community grow.

These are the rules to the General forum, but I've modified them to suit us.

1) Please keep all of your postings clean AND friendly.
It is important to observe this forum's 13+ content rating.
*already addressed, the same rule applies here.
2) Courtesy and respect is required for all posts in this forum.
*Same here.
3) Advertisements for items within Writing.Com are allowed.
(Please do not repeatedly post about the same item.)
4) Offsite email addresses and advertisements for other websites are NOT permitted in this forum.
*I tweaked this one a little bit, it's rule 5
Spam-like posts will be suspended.
*I suppose, although since it's free discussion, I don't think it really applies. Don't repeatedly post the same thing over and over in a short period of time, please.
5) Posts not following the above rules will be suspended.
*Yes, along with the posters in some cases.

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