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A bit of inspiration struck, a poem sprung forth from my brain, and here it is.
This poem is kinda sus,
Imposter? Not I!
Don't make a fuss.
I was in Admin,
Me you can trust.

Emergency Meeting!
(It's yellow who called)
"Red is left dead where Red and Lime Brawled!"
"And I saw Brown Vent!" Pink chimes from the side,
While Cyan sits nervously eyes open wide.

The votes are in, goodbye Lime!
Oh wait, not him, he had nothing to hide.
I guess Brown then, vote him next, please.
"Not I!" screams Brown, quite ill-at-ease.

"Brown wasn't it either," the screen readout says,
“Be careful or else,
you all will be dead.”

Oh well, I guess, I have tasks to complete!
In Electrical, Navs, Reactor, all three.
Electrical first, it's not fun in there,
People they vent, kill and they scare.

"Phew!" electrical's done, now onto the next,
Navs sounds good,
No, Navs is the best.
I make sure the ship is on its due course,
when someone vents next to me, an unstoppable force.

Cyan! How could you? I thought we were friends!
The death of this crewmate,
is how this game ends.

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