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by Mr M
Rated: E · Article · Inspirational · #2241441
Comparing The Former Life Without Technology And This Life With Technology

I remember the days when we used to travel for days and even months before we could reach our destinations. The days we used to send love letters that would last up to a year before reaching our lovers. The days when you could keep a memory by remembering the scent or the smell of something. People lived far part in a way that could take you some time before reaching one settlement. Today people seem to have forgotten what was like a decade ago. They don’t appreciate what the new technology has done.

I remember when I was twenty years old, I had explored more geographically on neighboring hills, rivers and many other natural beauties. I was considered one of the best location scouters. I was praised to have visited more places. Little did I know then that I was just moving in a gage. Probably I had only moved ten miles round my community settlement. I never even knew of other different places. I thought I was one of the generations of first mankind. I had never seen an ocean neither had I seen a desert. How small my world was then? Surprisingly that time life seemed perfect.

I remember those days when marriage was considered special. When women had no say over there husbands. When parents were the one to choose a wife for there sons. When some of us were Beth rowed even before we were conceived in our mother’s wombs. The days when love was only but just a dream. The days when mankind competed with rats in multiplying in the world. The days when having twenty children was regarded as wealth. The days when women were regarded as minors. The days when we were subject to our parents until we had established a family with at least ten children. The days we feared our parents as gods.

I remember those days when money was nothing. The days when there was no poverty. I remember the days when one could choose wherever he and his family wanted to stay and move freely. Those days when there was no juice, tea, salt, sugar, cooking oil. I mean I don’t know even how we achieved taste in our meals. The days when milk was not for sale. I remember when we could butcher animals for daily meal. Those days when food was for all community. Those days when there was no need to protect your house with security. Those days when butter trade was the course of the day. Really? Do you imagine the day you want to have some milk in your house and the only thing you need is to take some grains like millet and exchange it? How then could we know the measurement of these two products. What if the one with milk did not need some grains.

I remember those days when really there were no specific ways or roads. I mean the days when we could use foot paths as our medium of transport. Imagine living in bushes and moving from one place to another while you are still moving in bushes. Just remember those days when we were neighbors with lions. The Elephants would visit us from time to time. What about the centipedes and scorpions who used to seek out refuge in our so-called houses when it was cold? When pythons would from time to time threaten to swallow our babies. I don’t know if you exactly know how cobras used to put us under siege for hours. Those days when magic was our only protections. Those days when myths and superstition seemed to be our only religion. Were they really true? I mean if they were not true would this 21st generation be still existing today? I don’t even know where God was then.

I remember those days when malaria could kill half a family. The days when a disease like measles could terrorize the whole community. The days when witches would take credits for bringing a curse of malaria in a community when it was not actually them. For months elders would try to spent time in shrines seeking the cure of this diseases. I don’t even know if we really knew that this were diseases and could be treated. Those days when having faith was mandatory for survival. The day when there were no hospitals. The days when your body immune was the last option of survival. The days when your body immune was the intensive care unit. Ooh! I meant ICU. This was our lifestyle. As I said earlier all of this happening didn’t mean we were desperate. Is this an Irony, Ignorance or madness? Maybe you have the best answer for this.

I remember that I have only reminded you of just some of a few moments of my past life. I promise I will narrate you the rest of the story when you request me to. Now those days are gone. I remember nowadays how technology has made the world a small village. I remember when I set my eyes on the Chinese for first time. Ooh! I suppose I had seen an angel. I mean why was the Europeans, Americans and other people from western countries white. If it were not for the technology when would I have seen a different species of humans. Did I just call species? I mean I don’t know how to differentiate. Can I say ethnicism groups, tribes, or what really? Different color, language, religion, lifestyles, geographical placement and more. Despite all of this, thanks to technology because people have been brought together. Traveling thousand of miles within twelve hours is just one of greatest achievements this technology has brought.

I remember nowadays most relationships and marriages are build on love. At least you can get your message back from your lover in a second. Is an advancement or a miracle? I remember one day a beautiful, charming lady proposed to me when I was having dinner. Guess what happened? I turned her down because I knew men are the ones who must propose first. These memories sometimes become our prison. I remembered those times when women were considered nothing and then I remembered nowadays how man and woman are equals. I remembered that, that night I had turned down that cute lady. She had already left and now she had left me in my own prison of men chauvinism. I was forced to visit google maps. You know nowadays Google maps is the great sorcerer with power to track people. Google maps was forced to cast a spell for me to drop at the door of that cute sweetie lady who I later apologized to and…………. What if there was no technology?

I remember how I’m working hard to make money. I mean there is no communism where some lazy Hamburgers sit there asses down at the expense of few hard workers. I mean I’m free. The sky is my limit. I mean I can travel anywhere at least a thousand miles around my home not my community. I can visit deserts and have good times with my friend Mustafa Ibrahim. At least all the pythons, lions, elephants and cobras are safe at Nairobi park and other parks. At same time I am safe too. I visit hospitals even when I’m health. You know just in case. I mean when I remember my older life, I appreciate greatly the 21st technology. If you don’t appreciate this, I think you are experiencing what we call mmmhh...... did I forget that name? Ooh no yes, I mean you are short wire.
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