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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2241464
Samuel left without his wife bt in the same time he lost all.
KHBEY/ My daughter

He enters the cemetery with iron bowls around his ankles. His heavy lead steps are crossing with pain the ground that bears graves.
His reddish eyes are swollen by tears stored in his eyelashes for three years.
His pupils look straight forward to a certain white marble grave settled at the right corner. It is the first time that he sees it.

A huge amount of memories are released like a pouring rain that drops cats and dogs.

"Lina I should leave tomorrow"; Samuel says
"What ? We have been together for ten years"; Lina responds
"Lina! I will be there just for two years.I will come back"; he responds.
"I can come with you"; she responds
"You can't ; Lina. We have spoken about this many times ago"; he replies.
His frozen words are thrown on Lina's smooth skin harshly
"OK! Farewell!" She responds and her voice tonality becomes harsh.

"Lina! where are you going"; he asks.
She launches a last glance straight forward on his eyes and leaves forever.

"Lina ! Can you bring the books to my office"; George says.
"George; I would like to pursue librarian manager courses;" Lina says.
"OK! Tomorrow you will start your courses. My wife Lisa will be with you"; he responds
"We will pay for your courses too"; he adds.
Lina cannot retain her tears and with a wide smile she says to George; "thank you so much. I am grateful to you".
"You have been rewarded with your endeavours, Lina"; George says.

"Samuel; your position is a manager starting from today"; Elisabeth says.
Samuel is completely mesmerized by Elisabeth's beauty.
She is slender and blond. Her cyan eyes caught the eyes and hide a severe personality and a pain. She is smart and very objective.

"Lisa; I perceive contractions and my delivering is asap"; Lina says .
"Don't worry Lina; I will be with you at the hospital and I will take care of your daughter. I am already a grandmother", Lisa responds.
"I can never thank you enough. You and your husband have never ceased to help me"; Lina replies.
"Lisa, I will do a cesarean"; she adds.
"It will be OK! I am sure. I did a cesarean too for my last pregnancy and see me now I am all right"; Lisa responds with a big smile.

"Lisa! I have a new position for you because you have finished your first librarian courses. I need an administrator. You will be very well remunerated and you will get all the needed accommodation. The comity is waiting for your agreement"; George says.
"Thank you so much! I cannot wish more than this; George"; Lina replies.

"Samuel, can we get a coffee tonight"; Elizabeth asks
"Yes; I will be pleased".
"I have two children and my husband died two years ago"; she says.
"I am married but we are separated since last Christmas"; Samuel says.
"I would like you to come for dinner next week end"; Elizabeth asks.

Lisa comes at home. She is bearing Lina's daughter; a lovely blond baby.
George says; "Lisa? Where is lina?"
She looks straight forward to her husband's eyes and she is melting within her tears.
"What? Lina died?" George replies hugging his wife.
"Yes; she couldn't wake up after the anesthesia"; Lisa is studerring her words with melancholy.

Samuel is at the computer shop late tonight.
Someone enters and robs many computers when Samuel is in his office taking some rest.
Elisabeth comes quickly.
"Hey! What are doing man?" She says and her eyes become a turbulent anger ocean.
The police come and Samuel is put in the prison by Elisabeth.

"What a lovely daughter! George, do you think that it is wise to inform her father ?"Lisa asks
"Did Lina talk about this with you during her lifetime?" George asks.
"She let this letter but I know what her husband did for her. He is an irresponsible man and he is unable to rise a child"; she replies.
"Yes; Even though; we should inform him. We will preserve the right to keep the child under our responsibility"; he replies.

Samuel is released from the prison because the attorney has declared that he has got sleep disturbances.
Samuel comes to see his daughter and with his trembling hands and a heart engulfed with remorse he takes her in his arms as a crystal between his fingers. Lina's smell is released from Kate. His tears moisten his daughter's blanket.
He goes straight forward to the cemetery for the farewell; telling to himself that he has never deserved to be a husband to Lina and much less a father to Kate.

KHBEY/My daughter / January 2021.

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